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( i ) LTV = Loan to value - the percentage of the value of your home that you borrow. The SVR of a mortgage creditor? See if you're overpaying.

A lot of landlords who pay a Floating Value Default Mortage Interest Rates (SVR) with a respectable loan scores and 10%+ capital can emergency land their mortgage and economize by getting a new one. Up to four out of 10 mortgage creditors currently pay the SVR of their lenders - the go-to-rate lenders use you after a transaction.

The SVR is now averaging 4.9%, although it can be up to 6% (see our Remortgage Guides to find out how to get the best deal). However, recent mortgage transactions, where you just convert your mortgage to a less expensive one, are now much less expensive than most SBRs. Also a 1% interest reduction, for example, would save YOU £900+/year on a £150k mortgage.

Earlier this month we got an e-mail from a member who gave a great example of why home owners should change. "I' ve been saving 500 on our mortgage repayments every month by doing re-mortgaging at a new five-year fix redemption date. Bottom are two charts that show the differences between SARs and some of the best available mortgage rates so you can see the overall cost.

If you make a new trade, there are a number of points you should pay attention to, here are the most important ones: Mortgages: When you can make savings by changing to another mortgage, just think about considering the charges, as the smaller the mortgage, the greater the effect of the charges.

The Mortgage Best Buys Total Cost Comparison utility brings together both the interest and management charges to determine which mortgage is actually the best for you. You can also have exits, rights and appraisal charges, so review them all and use our mortgage comparison calculator to match the winning business with your actual business.

Minimal repayment sums. With most lenders having a minimal mortgage that they will provide, such as 75,000, if your mortgage is small you may not be able to get a new one. Stationary or floating interest rat? Floating transactions move at British interest levels or at the lender's whim. For more information, see our complete v variables manual.

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