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2018 Best Mortgage Provider - Which one? Latest updates In this year's Which? client survey, the UK's principal mortgage lenders ranked the UK's principal mortgage provider with 97% of clients saying they were happy with their mortgage. Indeed, bausparkassen are leading the method in this year's series of mortgage originator audits, with only one of the four that?

Below, we betray how highways mortgage lenders and smaller providers went the same way when we put them to the test. Hypothekarkreditgeber reviewed: Who is the best and worse? In June 2018, we interviewed more than 3,500 home owners to find out how they assessed their mortgage provider on issues such as client care, the mortgage request procedure, value for price and on-line accessibility.

F├╝rstentum (80%), First Direct (77%), Nationwide and Skipton Building Society (77%) were all referred to as Which? Please click on the link to learn more about how each vendor behaved and what type and size of mortgage they have. Learn more: Our best mortgage bank reviews show stars rating for different aspect of each provider's services, from value for price to on-line account.

The Principality Building Society was awarded a five-star credit score for the elasticity of its mortgage payment, and 97% of clients interviewed said they were happy with their mortgage. A client said to us that "the information about my mortgage is easily understood" while another said "it is easily managed".

Meanwhile, a fourth of First Direct clients said they voted the banks for their mortgage because of the prime interest that reflects the analysis by which? find that First Direct is offering cheaper mortgages in comparison to the average borrower. Across the country, its clients also developed well, with a fourth stating that the Bausparkasse's reputational position was the factor that led them to choose Nationalwide as their mortgage originator.

Out of 10 of his clients who had not changed or re-mortgaged for over five years, six said that it was because they were satisfied with their mortgage. Skipton was another bausparkasse client to be given a five-star credit score for the clearness of its mortgage settlements as one of only four lenders in our poll.

Mortgages differ in who they grant loans to, how much they grant and for what type of real estate they grant loans. Your best mortgage lender depends on a variety of variables, from your rating and the amount of your investment to your job level, and while our ratings provide a useful indication of the overall vendor performing, they may not accurately represent the right response to your particular circumstances.

Learn more in our mortgage brokers selection guidelines.

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