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Dead Red Red Redemption 2 Poilers FAQ: Find all the answer to your question

The Red Dead redeemption 2 is out there and people are already ripping deeply into rock stars Wildwest Préquel. Maybe you got an end in the play and want to know what else there is. You may have failed a side quest, so you may have failed to see the destiny of one or more people.

We are here to look at all the end of Red Dead Reduction 2 in detail, the number of chapter that exist, who is alive and dying, and much more. What are the Red Red Dead Red Redemption 2 suffixes? Red Red Dead Red Redemption 2 has a grand totality of four different suffixes. Three of these ends are easily reached, entirely on the basis of a choices you make towards the end of the play.

Let's prepare the stage: The bandleader Dutch Van the Linde has gone too far at last, so that Arthur Morgan and the Red Dead Redemption veteran John Marston separated from him. Athur has also spotted that Micah Bell is a mole who provides the Pinkertons with information about the mob. It' all up to Arthur and John in a pitched shotout with Dutch's band and the Pinkertons.

They have the possibility to help John out of the predicament and position to his unit, or try to bring the medium of exchange out of the Blackwater duty. You decide to help John out of this predicament, you get that ending. Arthur and John see this on the way up to find a way out of the shooting below.

It is at this point in the play that Arthur is in the later phases of his TB. Arthur follows their persecutors and makes John go away, while he drags them in and gives his whole live for John's ancestors. At the end the traitors Micah Bell and Arthur von Van Der Linde are fighting on the top of the mountain.

During the last phases of the struggle the Netherlands intervene; Micah and Arthur ask for the souls of the people. When your honorable metre is high, Arthur will point out that he has tried to become a better person. Bells goes angry and Arthur dies of TB on the mountain top and watches the sunrise.

When you are at the bottom of the obituary, Arthur says that both he and Bell are terrible humans. Bel killed Morgan with a gunshot to the head. Well, that's the way it is. When you decide to return for the cash, Arthur goes back to the Van der Linde gang's on fire warehouse.

He' ll get the cash, but Micah Bell will rob him. At the end, the couple had a knifefight in the encampment, with Micah winning and Arthur being stabbed. Again it' reutch and Arthur fingering Micah as the Pinkerton rats. Hollander goes, bewildered, as the band has developed.

So Micah sticks a creeping Arthur in the back and kills him. Similar to the first Red Dead Reduction 2 title, Red Dead Reduction 2 has an ample credits section. Throughout this story you are playing as John Marston in vengeance against the remaining betrayer Micah Bell. It' s been a few years, but Marston is tracking down Sadie Adler and Charles Smith Bell in the hills alongside the anarchists.

Adler and Marston have threatened Micah with a weapon after a battle, only that the Netherlands appear with guns pointed at both. While Micah uses the shock to take Sadie prisoner, John tries to persuade the Netherlands that it's the false game to stand on Micah. He reacts by killing Micah and giving John the opportunity to feed him leads.

With the Blackwater cash, John and Sadie go back to John's farm, where Abigail, Jack and Uncle are there. Marked the last end of the Red Dead Redemption 2 storyline. Well, who livens and dwells in Red Dead Reduction 2? The Red Dead redeemption 2 is a tragic tale about the border's deaths.

And even if you are the winner, the participating players loose, especially as many of them die in Red Dead Reduction, which occurs in chronological order after the continuation. Let me see who doesn't make it out of this play living. Red Dead Reduction is a great way for all of these players to appear in Red Dead Reduction, so it's no wonder they survived the terrible Red Dead Reduction 2 outrage.

Is Arthur Morgan dying in Red Dead Reduction 2? Whatever you do, Arthur Morgan is dying. Sean McGuire dying in Red Dead Reduction 2? The first true killing of characters in Red Dead Reduction 2, Sean is gunned down in the heads as the crews walk through the city of Rhodes.

Kieran Duffy dies in Red Dead Reduction 2? Former member of the O'Driscoll band, he is finally taken prisoner by his old team. He was beheaded and his bald head was put back on his stallion as an opening volley against the Van Der Linde group. Will Hosea Matthews be dying in Red Dead Reduction 2?

The Milton agent is shooting Hosea in the breast as a wake-up call to the whole outfit. Darling, is Lenny Summer dying in Red Dead Reduction 2? lenny is one of the most popular new chars in Red Dead Reduction 2 thanks to a memorable Redemption missions and dying in Saint Denis' robbery.

When Arthur and Lenny run over the roofs looking for a way out, Lenny is gunned down by awaiting intruders. Molly O'Shea dying in Red Dead Reduction 2? As a young lady in Love with the Dutch language, Molly died in the fifth part of the series. Ignored by Dutchmen and Arthur for much of the match, Molly comes back hammered and mad.

And Molly says she was telling Milton and Ross about the Saint Denis work. Ms. Grimshaw fires her through the breast with a Shotgun to finish off Section 5. Milton dying in Red Dead Reduction 2? Pinkertons' leading Pinkerton operative is spending his days chasing the whole Van der Linde crew, even though he only wants a Dutchman.

At the end of the match, most people believe that John Marston is almost killed and has abducted Milton Abigail. The Dutch and Micah want to continue with their cash, but Arthur and Sadie go to rescue Abigail and refuse to let Jack be orphaned. Arthur loses in a fight with Milton until Abigail fires Milton in the skull.

After all, his deputy, Agent Ross, is the main protagonist of the Red Dead Red Redemption. Is Miss Grimshaw dying in Red Dead Reduction 2? Miss Grimshaw and Arthur Morgan stand against Micah Bell in the Pinkerton's assault in the Pinkerton's group. Sadie Adler dies in Red Dead Reduction 2?

In the opening section of Red Dead Reduction 2, Sadie follows the band and in section 3 he becomes a real bandit swinging with a weapon. In the end Sadie helps Arthur with some of the final game mission after Arthur has separated from the Dutch. She' s injured in the epilog, but actually survived Red Dead Reduction 2. Charles Smith Stirbt Stirbt dans Red Dead Redemption 2 ?

As Sadie, Charles Smith accompanies Arthur on his crime spree and John Marston later assists Micah Bell in tracking him down in the film. Charlie survived the history of Red Dead Reduction 2. Eagle flies dying in Red Dead Reduction 2? The Eagle Flies is a young local soldier who falls in love with the Van the Linde band and the U.S. Army.

Charles and Arthur try to rescue him, but eventually he kills with deadly sores. The Reverend Swanson was last seen saying good-bye to Arthur and departing by rail. After the last loan shark operation Leopold Strauss is thrown out of the warehouse and the mob when Arthur is tired of taking cash from impoverished souls.

After reaching their last base, Josiah Trelawny quit the team before the group got in with the US administration. After Abigail was rescued from captivity, Tilly Jackson is seen and later arrives with her man and kid in Saint Denis. Pearson is later seen by John Marston with his own general store in the city of Rhodes, and Mary-Beth Gaskill also encounters John after a busy typing life.

Exactly how many Red Dead Reduction 2 do have? There are six major sections in Red Dead Redeemption 2, but once completed, more games will follow. After these six sections, there are two epilogical sections that round off the series. Are you playing John Marston in Red Dead Reduction 2?

Are you wearing Marston's dress at some point in Red Dead Reduction 2? Because of Arthur's passing at the end of Section 6, you take on the part of John Marston for the two epilogic sections, and for no matter how long you intend to play the title after the last episode of the saga is over.

So when you reach the bottom of the storyline and Arthur Morgan is gone, you might ask yourself: What happens to everything you collect during the MAIN STARCH campaig? Now, the horse is gone forever: you die in the last quest of the storyline and the stables are apparently liberated.

Arthur's purse is also empty, but John gets $20,000, which is more than enough to buy something. Couple of epilogic epilogues, John inherits all of Arthur's wardrobe and guns. So, before you complete the Red Red Red Redeemption quest, you may as well be spending the savings.

New Austin and Mexico in Red Dead Reduction 2? Much of the Red Dead Reduction 2 chart is completely new and stretches from the icy northern West Grizzlies down to the marshy banks of Saint Denis. Below in the southern hemisphere is New Austin, the area where the first Red Dead Red Redemption took place.

You' re excluded from this area because of crime before the Red Dead Reduction 2 storyline begins; when you go to New Austin, the Money Raisers are immediately after you. Mexico, however, which initially took almost half the card in the initial match, is not there. Most of Mexico disappeared in Red Dead Reduction 2.

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