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One of the leading US providers of construction finance was looking for a service provider that could bundle three of its separate locations in a central hub.

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Everybody's Brian to me, the bauspar guy! During the last year, our business has built a new, on-line, inter-active loan request system that allows a debtor to submit a full loan request from beginning to end in less than 10 min, and once completed, his loan request goes directly to my system where I can take out a loan, check his record and write a preliminary clearance within 30 mins!

What is even more specific about the tech of thi....s is that a borrowers can make available through a secured system his salary account login where our system enters and retrieves theorrowers Paystubs & W2's. It will save creditors from having to spend valuable amount of money collecting papers. Also, if a debtor uses a particular type of taxation system, our system can access the required declarations.

Suppose a Wells Fargo bank customers bank, our system can access the required bank statement, identify any other deposit that needs to be "procured", and deliver all the information we need in seconds! Rather than taking customers several days, sometimes even a few even weeks, to collect the documents I need, our system will fetch all this information/documentation in a matter of seconds and upload it, sort it and keep it handy for me to see the minute the customers apply for credit!

I' ve been able to issue full credit approval that involves my credit processor checking the data as a second pair of eyeballs and executing YOU on the same date with 100% precision!

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One of the world' s largest providers of construction finance was looking for a single financial services company that could bundle three of its remote offices into one single turntable. This new site would offer a more effective, centralised workplace. Completion of the work should be on three weekend and turnkey after the following Monday.

Aim: To maximise business efficiencies for a major US construction financier by integrating three different sites into one central centre. So we have finished the process of settling and three individual relocations within schedule and within budgets. Many of the case goods had to be changed from right to left in order to accommodate them.

With our wide range of service and knowledge in this area, we were able to keep the job on course and provide the necessary service to make sure that every bureau was prepared and working for the first full move we made.

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