The Loan


A French coloured lithographic poster promoting a war loan from the French government. Questions frequently asked about the product Start Up Loan, such as the type of financing available, the amount of borrowing and the interest rates. 7. 1 The loan, Hawick - Update rates 2018

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Subscription of the loan with the Central Company of the Province Bancs

It is a coloured postcard in France promoting a loan from the Flemish authorities. Borrowed campaign billboards were the biggest class of billboards published between 1914 and 1918, as the Flemish authorities called on the civil society to contribute to the financing of the campaign. There is no time limit for the duration of the exhibition, but the window must have been opened after the United States joined the Allies in April 1917.

This picture shows the Marquis de Lafayette, the general of France, who in 1776 took the Americans on horses in his fight for independence against the British and leaned down to shook Uncle Sam, the United States' emblem. It symbolizes how the United States, for its part, comes to the rescue of its old allies by deploying new forces to support the war-weary Francees.

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