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In The Mortgage Lender, we love to lend it out. We are not like some of the less flexible mortgage businesses. Hello, has anyone tried it or has any experience with THE MORTGAGE LENDER?

Mortgage bank lowers interest rate and introduces exclusive products.

Hypothekenbank lowered interest for its private customers and launched special offers for its clubs, networks and prime package managers. The LTV rate was lowered by up to 0.8% for 2 -year and 5-year fixed services and the 2-year tracking rate by up to 0.77%.

Mortgage lender Peter Beaumont, vice chairman of the board, said: TML has also cut its 2 and 5 year firm total lending rate of 750 pounds cash back for the lender across the entire LTV sector and has for the time being foregone its 150 pound claim charge for all lenders. Premiere package makers such as TFC, Complete FS, The Mortgage Trading Company, Brightstar, AToM, Buy to Let Business and TFC also have free entry to an exciting retail payback offering.

That provides a cut of 0.1% on the total cash back margin with £500 cash back for the borrowers. £1,000 retail cash-back is available to all distributors who have a club or network arrangement with the mortgage lender.

Disclaimer & General Information - The Mortgage Bank

We are an independant mortgage lender at the centre of what some call the "specialized mortgage market". The thing is, we don't believe that "specialized mortgages" are really us. All our reasons for being is to offer mortgage loans to those with less than the ordinary lifestyle. It' call it actuality. Today it is completely natural to be a freelancer or self-employed, a divorcee or not.

For us, the new normality is less than the customary lifestyle. It is our flexibility with our clients that really makes us stand out. What we realize is that less than the ordinary circumstance is often ignored by the strait. In The Mortgage Lender, we like to loan it out. We are not like some of the less agile mortgage deals.

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Today it is quite common to be a freelancer or self-employed, a divorcee or not. It'?s the new standard. To provide mortgage for those with less than the ordinary lifestyle is what they do. EmployeeStandard Standard Borrower that does not comply with the lender's demands in the main streets. Independent Up to 85% LTV with a 24-month trade period (80% LTV 12-24 month maximum).

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