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Q is a fabulous venue capable of hosting everything. There was one Cavs game, but I also played several live gigs and it never disappoints. Many congratulations to the winner of the Quicken Loans National for his first PGA Tour victory this weekend.

The Cavs vs. the Spurs Spiel - Review of Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland, OH

It was a very brief stop in Cheveland, about 24 hrs, but I had the great opportunity to see the Cheveland Cavaliers match against the Phoenix Suns on January 19, 2017. Magnificent sports arena happening. The seat is very comfy and every look is good! Clevand is a great city to go to.

As they visited the Ohio families for the holiday, they took me to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra Show The Ghosts of Christmas Eve area. It was really maneuverable and we could get to our places from the goal within 10mins. And I saw the set on my side of the road.

It gave me a full look at the scenery without having to observe the heads of someone in front of me as part of my eyes. Ground arrangements enabled the actors to exit the scene and go to the supporters to experience a tight meeting. When I ever have the opportunity to take part in New Year's Eve in this stadium again, I will throw myself at it.

Were you speeding up the credit arena?

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Congratulations to the Quicken Loans National Champion on his first PGA Tour ever triumph this week. Only a few short miles after changing to Lamkin's new TS1 handles, the winning team had a remarkable period of heat with a BMW PGA Championship title, second place at his Italian Open and now his first PGA Tour title as well.

Featuring the new Lamkin TS1 handles, the long-time Lamkin player enjoyed playing unbelievable levels of play throughout the series. Maryland's warm and wet climate gave him excellent control of the shot, with his new TS1 handles providing a secure and non-slip grip to the racquet despite the difficult circumstances. Featuring Lamkin's GENESIS blend, the all-new TS1 handles use the microtextures of FINGERPRINT TECHNOLOGY for unparalleled impact response and reaction.

Incredibly long-lasting, the tour-inspired TS1 provides a constant punch feeling in all weathers.

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