Three Credit

The Three Credits

Charging options. - funding You can recharge on your own account with many simple ways to charge as you go. Below, please browse to your favorite options and proceed with the following instructions. To charge your tray, mobile WLAN or your key, you need to charge in My3 or on the Internet. In order to make a one-time credit transfer, just enter your credit transfer information or check the One-time credit transfer box.

Sign up for mys3. It is also very easy to load with a map in the Three application. Go to the Three Application and go to Allowance. Choose either 'Buy Add-on' or 'Recharge'. Choose the amount you want to top up or the add-on you want to buy. Please obey the directions on the monitor to make payments by credit/debit cards.

Please click here to get the Three Apple application. It is also possible to top up on the Internet without having to register a map or log in to mys3, all you have to do is fill in your data each and every times you top up. Click on the following links, type in the number you wish to top up, choose Credit/Debit or Voucher and then obey the on-screen prompts to top up.

Loading Web. At any Barclays or HSBC ATM you can top up if you have a bank account with one of these banks: Once at the checkout, all you have to do is type in your telephone number and choose the amount you want to top up. When you are a telephone user, you can call 444 for free from your three-phone to recharge over the telephone.

In order to load by document, choose Load with Document and specify the 16-digit number that appears on the document. In order to top up by credit or debit you must first sign up a credit or debit key. If you call us, choose Load with a map and obey the loading directions.

Load a £10-£50 gift certificate from any of the three shops, or from any UK outlet where you can see the UK charging symbol. The coupon can be redeemed at either of them: Use our recharge via the Internet options below by typing the number you wish to recharge, select the coupon and follow the on-screen prompts.

Call 444 from your three-way telephone, select Load by coupon and enter the 16-digit number shown on the coupon. Loading Web. Do not enter any personally identifiable information, such as your telephone number or credit or debit or debit card number.

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