Three Credit Check

There are three credit assessments

Can I check my account status? If you are a customer of PEPAY, you can view your current balances at any uptime. Please type in your user name and your login name. Click on "Check our current status and add-ons" in the My status field to see your current credit, free credit, 3 to 3 phone calls, your cell phone details and your bought add-ons. With the My3 App, choose the MY Balancing tabs in the My3 APP Dashboard.

Select 1745 and your credit will be displayed on your phone monitor. BILPAY clients can check their entitlements at any uptime. Please type in your user name and your login name. Click in the My Bonuses area. Now you can see your flexible devices, 3 to 3 phone conversations, your cell phone details and all your available add-ons.

With the My3 App, choose the MY BALANCE tabs in the My3 APP Dashboard.

Invoices, payment and credit assessments. - benefit

If you enroll in a PayMonthly plan, we will perform a credit check, so we need to ask you some question. So that we can deal with your request, we pass on your person-related data to credit reporting bureaus (CRAs), which give us information about you, such as e.g. your finance background.

Credit rating agencies' identity and the way in which they use and pass on personally identifiable information are also described in more detail in the credit rating agency's information bulletin issued by the individual credit rating agencies - a click on one of the following hyperlinks will take you to the same document:

Missing credit check. Sometimes the information we find in a credit check does not match our eligibility requirements. While this means that we can't give you a pay-monthly subscription, you can still join us on your own account at Take As You Go. There is a particular cause why you fail a credit check, such as if you have not been living in the UK for three years, please call us at 0800 033 8001 or come to us immediately via Send As You Go.

Execution of several unsuccessful orders. When you have not passed a credit check, do not place any more orders. If we are conducting a credit check, we may ask you to make a down payment or respond to further queries. It' a regular part of our trial, so don't fret. Credit or Debit MasterCard card.

We do not currently take payments with us: In order to shop on-line, you need: a credit check if you want to take out a paying money scheme. Configuring a direct debit. When you sign up for a PAYMONTHLY scheme with us, you must create a direct debit for each month.

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