Three in one Credit Report

In a credit report.

Loan verification - Every third party finds mistakes in credit records. Defects most frequently detected were false credit product or service (38%), false postal adress ( 23%) and the false name of the issuing institution (18%). For more information, please go to It's My Report. Research shows that when individuals are rejected for loans, they are not given why - only 38% said they were given by the creditor the precise reason why they were rejected without having to ask, and 34% of those who rejected loans received no explanations.

When your report contains bugs, you can quickly determine that you have been declined for credit. Consequently, research shows that many consumer turn to more expensive ways of raising credit and end up with debts that are hard to administer. "We may be putting too much trust in credit bureaus to get precise information about us when failures are almost unavoidable.

However, the procedure for correcting these bugs is long and complex. To exacerbate the situation, there are several credit bureaus so that the wrong information about us can be incorporated into more than one report. How can I fix mistakes? Though it is possible to rectify mistakes on your credit statements, it is a tedious procedure and many peoples are baffled about how to make changes.

Some of the most important mistakes found by those folks were: When you find an issue in your credit report, you can turn to the creditor or your local credit bureau, which has 28 working days to reply to you about the period during which a notification is added to your database so that your suppliers know what is going on. Ensure that you have a point of contacts and a credential number to verify this.

An incorrect adress can be corrected easily by contact with the credit bureau and the corresponding evidence. In the UK there are three credit bureaus, Experian, Equifax and Call Credit. Errors can differ between these agents, so if you find an issue with one agent, it might be worth checking the other two as well.

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