Three Major Credit Reporting Companies

There are three major auditing firms

Notice that Experian unveils the state of credit in America 22 September 2010 - Experian, the world''s premier service information provider, today unveiled State of Credit, its ranking of top and bottom credit city. Madison, Wis. and Cedar Rapids, Iowa, led the group. Whilst no one can determine the credit value of a user, the impact of the downturn is likely to play some part.

It is not only major drawbacks such as foreclosure that have a major adverse effect on creditworthiness, but even straightforward behaviours such as lack of or delayed payments are often the most frequent credit deterioration drivers. The following is a quick glimpse of the 10 highest credit rating towns and the 10 cheapest credit rating towns in the U.S. The credit ratings convert the information in your credit reports into a single number.

VantageScore below uses a rating area of 501-990 points. Towns with the highest credit ratings: Municipalities with the low credit ratings: For the full listing of towns and creditworthiness, please go to Experian is now looking until 31 October for those who face their own challenge to tell their story.

The five lucky recipients will get $5,000 to repay their debt and free advice from their National Foundation of Credit Counselors chapters who can help them create a personalised recovery program and take charge of their livelihood. For more information on how to earn Credit Smarts or how to contribute, please go to

Those dates were created using Experian's Premier Attributes. The VantageScore is the first credit score in the banking sector that has been collaboratively designed by Equifax, TransUnion and experian. VantageScore puts load values within a 501 to 990 band, with higher values indicating a lower probability of exposure. At VantageScore, we leverage the combined expertise of best-in-class credit analysts, credit analysts and credit analysts.

Three of the country's largest credit reference agencies (CRCs) - Ecuifax, Experian and TransUnion - worked together to create a generically validated credit rating scheme. The VantageScore is the first timeline that the three companies have come together to create a single consumer rating across all three companies.

Using state-of-the-art patent-pending analysis technology, VantageScore provides creditors and end-users with a very consistent, predictable scores that is easily understood and applied. It is the world' s premier information service provider, delivering information and analytics to customers in more than 90 markets. Symantec can help companies mitigate credit risks, reduce credit risks, reduce risks of financial loss and loss, reduce credit loss, reduce credit risk, prevent fraud, target marketing efforts and automate decision making.

Efferian also assists individual travellers to verify their credit reports and credit scores and help prevent ID thievery. Employing approximately 15,000 staff in 40 different markets, the company is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland with operations in Nottingham, UK, Costa Mesa, California and São Paulo, Brazil. Expert and the Expert brands used herein are either services brands or registrations of Expert Information Solutions, Inc.

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