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And as the name implies, it is a variable, which means that it can change from time to time. When this happens, you may decide that it is time to review your mortgage. When you want to take out your new mortgage, you may be able to borrow more money at the same time, for example to pay for DIY work.

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But there are a few things that can really affect how long a home loan lasts: Selection of the creditor - On the intermediate website of each creditor they publish "service standards". All the time they need to do things. Responding to a message (i.e. the documents we send) within a few working hours is good and you are up to date, not anymore and can lead to problems.

Recall that you have to go back and forth half a dozen different ways, that's the gap between a whole weeks work on things in one go, and if you need 5 workingdays to do things, that's 30 workdays! Attorneys - Using the free lawyers of a creditor usually means that they do nothing until they receive a mortgage quote.

Records - Make sure you have SA302's if you are self-employed, or pay slips, P60's, account statement, mortgages, AST's and verify with the agent exactly what is needed and what else might be needed in their expertise. They can always get it all scanned in and when the brokers ask for something, it's a 10 minutes e-mail away, not 3 workingdays while you dig it out of the fileboard.

A BTL remortgage usually lasts a months to do the mortgages, and 2 to 3 weeks to kill the legacies, but if it is pressed, I could do the whole thing in 4-5 weeks if we watched the above spikes. Buying a house is a little different because you don't know everything about the house until the lawyers have had the opportunity to gather inquiries, obtain research, etc. etc. etc.

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Otherwise, you can call our mortgages department on 01282 440500 for help finding the best solution for you. Meanwhile, you can use our on-line mortgages calculator below to find out how much you can lend. Competent consulting and a broad portfolio of services, which includes our low-cost surety transactions that will help you get on the real estate managers list.

The 55+ family of mortgages provides a solution for those nearing the challenge or retired and looking for a home mortgag. For more information on our complementary credit offer, please contact our mortgages department on 01282 440500. For more information on our mortgages, please contact our mortgages department on 01282 440500.

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