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On credit cards

There are 5 ways to make your credit cards work for you It'?s no mystery the motherfuckers are mad about credit cards. Some of the people do not like credit cards and believe that plastics work against the consumer and keep them in debts. Because we believe that using credit cards responsibly can make your credit cards work for you, and not the other way around, we believe that you should use credit cards responsibly. There are five ways you can use your credit cards.

No. 1 thing you can do for a lucky, sound credit rating is to make your payments in a timely manner. You must at least make the required minimal payment on all your credit cards. As well as ringing the bell about your creditworthiness, delayed payment can lead to penalties and interest on arrears.

In order to prevent this, you should configure automated repayments and/or notification of the repayments of your invoices. Whilst the mere fact of paying your deposit is sufficient to keep your paying habits in top form, you should fully disburse your funds. Firstly, you keep your credit utilisation at a fair level, and secondly, you do not earn any interest.

Analysts suggest that you keep your credit utilisation - or the ratio of your indebtedness to your credit line - below 10%. Credits can be notified in the middle of the accounting lifecycle, so try to keep your utilisation low at all hours. Debts on credit cards are generally the most costly type of finance, with installments in the high teenage and low 20' years range.

Both open and credit cards are included in the calculation of your credit histories. So the longer your credit record, the better, so don't easily shut down credit cards. Keeping your cards open and using them to make sure that your account is not shut down due to being inactive. Credit cards offer an avarage 1% to 2% discount on your shopping.

Points, accrued mileage or refunds you accumulate may be used to redeem your points for money, gifts, travel and/or goods, and some bonuses may be used at higher value than others. Have a look at Nerds' reviews of your favourite reward credit cards to see what redeem methods we suggest to get the most out of your reward.

Most credit cards offer a number of useful advantages that include pricing cover, enhanced guarantee cover, a free FICO scores, rent a vehicle and travel cancelation cover. In order to make sure that you take full credit to your credit cards, you should invest some of your valuable resources in reviewing your performance claim to find out what advantages can be useful to you.

Knowing is making money - these advantages could cost you hundred or even thousand of dollar over the lifetime of your map.

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