Top 5 Credit Cards

The 5 most important credit cards

The best credit card premiums in total: The redemption rate is terrible: you need 1,750 points to get a £5 voucher. Highest payer with a top pick of up to 5%, but not accepted everywhere. When a credit card pays 1% cashback on all purchases, you can earn £50 if your annual spending is £5,000.

The 5 best Malaysian travel credit cards that RM5k & below will earn in 2018!

Most of the articles in this issue are for those who are not yet qualified for qualifying for premiums, but are interested in earning heavy mileage. Beginner credit cards don't provide so many mileage or advantages over those offered by our premiums, but that doesn't mean that you won't be able to charge them in heavy mileage.

The most important thing is that you GET the GTC to fully grasp the terms and conditions and use them to maximise your point win. What is so great about having the right credit cards? Check out our Top 10 Malaysian Credit Cards for 2018 to find the best of them.

Prior to continuing, please be sure to check out our instagram, subscribe to our email newsletter, and use our Facebook page for more information about our trips and current promotions. Maybank 2 AMEX is the best AMEX for the majority of those who have not yet qualified for the AMEX cards, which generally require an annuity of 100,000 RM.

Since only 30,000 RM has to be earned, anyone with a month's wage of 2,500 RM should use this ticket to earn mileage. And best of all, this map has no annuities, there is no concern to reach the minimal expenses. Benefit: Disadvantage: The Gold Cards of Singapore KrisFlyer AMEX Gold are middle entrance cards with a month pay of 4.000 RM.

Disadvantage is that this ticket is only restricted to earning Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer mileage and the money is remitted to your KrisFlyer bank balance automaticly, which reduces your life from 6 years to 3 years. The standard credit points are 3 years and the airlines points are 3 years longer, resulting in 6 years.

Make sure that you can collect enough points to cash a dignified flight within 3 years if you use this map. Benefit: Disadvantage: The CIMB Enrich Platinum Mastercard is another boarding pass. Everyone who makes RM2,000 per months is entitled to request this voucher. The thing I like about this map is the ease of scoring.

Irrespective of any transaction, cardholders will receive 1 Enrich point for each RM4.00 issued. Default: Default: Repayment instalment : Good for certain categories to collect mileage. Drawback: The 5-fold point accumulation is limited to RM3,000 per year. In 2018 UOB took away the advantages of the Plaza Premium Lounge.

Benefit: Disadvantage: Chosen class to collect higher miles. Our main criteria for evaluating credit cards are point to miles exchange, available benefits, necessary earnings and finally annuities. Don't forgo to LOVE our Facebook page, our instagram and subscribe to our email newsletter for more trip advice and current trip promotions.

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