Top Financial Advisory Companies

The most important financial advisory companies

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Leading educational consultancy and financial advisory companies

It recognizes large advisory firms such as EY-Parthenon (EY's strategic advisory subsidiary) KPMG, PwC and educational-focused retail chains such as Cairneagle Associates and William Clarence Bildung. The EducationInvestor trade show organizes the EducationInvestor Awards every year, a contest that is given to organizations and individual persons who have made an exceptional contributions to the educational community over the past twelve month.

Prizes are also awarded to companies and individuals who have achieved excellent performances in fostering excellency and innovativeness in the field. There are three specific category of consultancy companies that deal with service in this area. Concerning advice and finances of procedures, there have been awarded shortlists for the provision of advisory service to educational establishments and commercial establishments wishing to undertake investment in learning.

In the meantime, five companies have also been awarded a nod in the financial consulting section. EducationInvestor has already won the EducationInvestor Awards 2015 and 2016 for private consultants. Even the strategic daughter of the Big Four company EY has made it. The company's primary focus is on transition digitization initiatives in this industry, while the latest candidate for the award, William Clarence Education, recently unveiled a new relationship with AEGIS, an education support organization.

In addition to the second rankings for Cairneagle Associates, Carfax Projects and EY-Parthenon, CIL Management Consultants was also ranked in the Private Industry category. CIL was also recognized last year for its performance in the medical industry, such as the US Medical Investor Awards. Recently, the company announces its recent acquisition of the medical device company that has created Perfect Ward, an on-line audit utility to improve the performance of medical organizations and medical care delivery networks.

Houlihan Lokey, a leading international financial institution, successfully closed the January 2018 deal to acquire Quayle Munro, an impartial consulting company that provides financial advisory consulting based on information & analysis, media assets, business intelligence, business intelligence, business intelligence, business intelligence, business intelligence, business intelligence, business intelligence, and more. QMPF, formerly known as Quayle Munro Project Finances, is curiously the ultimate nominator in this class, having split from Quayle Munro in 2014 thanks to a management buy-out.

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