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Mortgages reached low lows after the key interest was lowered to 0.25 per cent in August last year. According to analysts, budgets with costly businesses with floating market interest standards should change now. Calculate how much your mortgages repayments are going to be on the new business by using a mortgages calculator. What are you going to do?

Industrial Case Study: Mortgage banks market videos

Just a few and a half years ago we posted a blogs article that shows that there is a great chance in Videomarketing for the businesses that take the initiative to do it right. We' ll give you an overview of the industry, which is often challenging for clients and where videos can help explain complex terminologies and workflows.

Google Adwords uses a Google Adwords based Mobile Financial Services application to find the following results: So, if we know what they are looking for, you would think that there is CCTV information that answers the questions. Let's take a look at what four major UK mortgages companies, Halifax, TSB, Yorkshire Building Society and Nationwide have to offer their clients.

We can view their sites and YouTube to review their online offers and see how well they meet their customers' needs. Just take a look at their homepage and you will see that Halifax does not provide client clips. In-depth search in the website, i.e. click on "First Time Buyer", also shows that there is no hidden web site containing hidden footage.

It was interesting to note that there was this flowchart, which could simply be transformed into an animated film. If we look at their YouTube channels, we can see that Halifax offers seven Home Buyer videoguides. Your YouTube clips are easy and brief, about a moment long. With over 59,000 shots, the Arranging a Morgage is one of the most viewed movies.

There are no available clips on the website of Deutsche Bank. Like Halifax, they provide clear information about mortgages that can be transformed into movies. There are nine YouTube clips on their YouTube channels, among them animations and employee clips. There are no mortgages advisory services available. Although the Yorkshire Building Society offers some useful, curious clips on its YouTube channels, such as " What is a Fixed Rate Mortgage" and "What is a First Time Buyer Mortgage", these are not displayed on the website itself.

All over Germany the website shows a number of clips. It seems there are no mortgages advisory services available. Movies that perform this function contain information about the ISA and messages. Below is a great example footage from the YouTube channel of Nationalwide. A comparison of the YouTube channel of the four mortgages banks provides a detailled overview of the efficiency of the offered films.

It should be noted, however, that the canals contain several types of movies, of which the movies do not have to be mortgaged. Other research shows that although the TV station was only launched in August 2013 and has only nine movies, these movies have attracted a good number of viewers as well as an additional 142 per movie, which is great for such a new TV station in such a gray area.

Compared to Nationalwide ( released in September 2011), which has 55 movies and 25,895 hits per download, you'll see that Total SSB is one step ahead. Yorkshire Building Society Channels (established in 2010) has actually been on offer longer than both nationally and at tbs. 72, with only 42 attendees (2 new attendees per download ) and also 1 per view per download.

In spite of the great interest in mortgage lending and the growing search for a demystification of the issue, there are still some instances of bad videos on YouTube. First Mortgage Broker's uncommon short movie tries to give clients a brief glimpse of unfavorable mortgage loans. This results in a scary, hard to read and lacking in appealing contents.

On the basis of this study, we can pinpoint significant loopholes in the offers of these lenders. Though some of them provide movies on their YouTube channels, there are no movies on their sites. Folks go to their website puzzled and with lots of question and answers movies would be the ideal media to reply to these question, so it is insane that all the important actors in the industry have not taken this chance.

In addition, we know that emotionally charged contents drive video-sharing so a video that makes guys smile or pulling the heartbeat might be an inventive attitude to a mortgages consulting film. Funny and thought-provoking movies dealing with serious topics have worked before. Audiences are enjoying the show until a more dark messages is revealed: or this US healthcare policies movie that has reached over six million visitors.

This way, we can see that dryer, more serious topics, such as loans, can work in full videoformat if they are presented correctly. Guidance documents provided by these lenders on their sites could also be provided on film. While there is a large shortfall in the videocontent industry that responds to client requests, large banks do not seem to be taking a bite.

A further idea is to create shared contents. However, this can only be done if the video is truly valuable to be shared, and to achieve this, the contents must be emotional and thought-provoking.

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