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Quicker and easier comparison of currently best interest rates and overview of the mortgage options of a number of UK lenders. The strongest growth was in specialised lenders and challenger banks. The top mortgage lenders in their customers' ratings The Principality Building Society was voted the best mortgage financier in a recent poll conducted by Which Group's consumers initiative on the basis of client experience. In this year's client satisfaction surveys, the Principality achieved a value of 80 percent, with 97 percent of borrower respondents saying they were happy with their mortgage.

Throughout Germany, First Direct and First Direct came second in the poll and both achieved a 77 percent client rating, and the three best lenders have now been awarded Which Recommended Provider ratings. Interviewees were asked about their level of interest in client services, the claim procedure and whether their lenders offer value for their money.

Mr. Julie-Ann Haines, Principality Building Society Principal Client Officers said the bank had made a number of changes over the past two years to enhance its clients' experiences. "It' s much faster for our mortgage application processing to be completed thanks to the simplification of the process, while we have also made investment to enhance our on-line services to compliment the stunning custom and personalised services offered by our retail and phone mates.

" The Kensington Mortgage segment led the overall consumer sentiment poll with a 56 percent client value, followed by Accord Mortgage with 61 percent. The Kensington company was awarded two out of five star ratings for value for the survey - but a spokesman proposed that it was important to take into account the fact that the borrower specializes in placing bad-quality debtors and complicated loan relationships, and therefore the interest rate on offer may be higher to mirror the extra workload.

said Kensington Mortgages: "Continuing to simplify our operations and improve the consumer experiences. When clients are unhappy with their mortgage, we work in close collaboration with them to solve any problems they may have. Our customers' grievances are taken seriously and we have a highly motivated staff working to solve them as quickly as possible.

" An Accord Mortgages spokesman said the company was taken aback by the results. We are therefore amazed by these numbers, as our own independent study shows that 86 percent of Accord clients are happy with the services they get. "And we will keep working harder to offer the best possible services to our agents and their clients.

" Hollingworth, associated directory manager of communication at London and Country Mortgages, has been doing long term deals with the Principality and said he was not taken by surprise by the good ratings. "Lenders realize more and more that it's critical to provide the right mix of rates and services in order to stay ahead of the competition, and many have improved their play in cycle durations, and higher-volume gamblers also get powerful results."

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