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Only work with real estate agents who specialise in construction finance. Le capitalisme de demain | La folie des prêteurs hypothécaires. Browning Rose Financial, a top independent mortgage broker based in Kent, is able to offer its clients a personal and simple service. Request a mortgage today! Learn more about our mortgage solutions here.

The best British mortgage banks

Below is a listing of the top 20 mortgage providers in the UK, sorted by mortgage size. The Lloyds Banking Group, Santander and the Nationwide Building Society are the three biggest mortgage banks in the UK with £94.7 billion (USD 147 billion) in loans. Britain's 10 biggest mortgage banks have a more than 85% stake in the mortgage markets.

MoneySupermarket's client poll voted the company the best overall mortgage provider in Germany and the best first-buyer mortgage provider in 2015. Yorkshire, Norwich & Peterborough and Coventry Bausparkassen, Cumberland and Principality Bausparkassen as well as The Co-operative, Tesco Bank, HSBC, First Direct, Virgin Money and TSB offer the best mortgage loans (the lowest cost mortgages), according to The Telegraph.

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Browning Rose Financial offers tailor-made mortgage advisory services with a personality twist. To find the best mortgage interest rate available in the entire mortgage book please click on the links below. You can use our on-line mortgage calculator to find out how much you can charge for your mortgage, using some fundamental searches.

And we show you real-time quotes from a large number of creditors to give you a clear overview of how much you want to oversee. In order to find out which mortgage and interest quote is best for you, please click on the links below to our on-line claim page. We not only provide mortgages, but can help you with a host of different service offerings to achieve the best for you, from beginning to end.

What are your plans for using the mortgage?

"We are just getting started with Open Bank, and within a year or two you can give your banks easy and safe ways to view your issue samples.

"We are just getting started with Open Bank, and within a year or two you can give your banks easy and safe ways to view your issue samples. Declaring how this works for those trying to get a mortgage, Alastair said:

"Right now, if you want to get a mortgage, there is a loan review, a poll and then the house will also do an affordable review which is essentially a really long one. "All they ask you are all these things and all the real thing the banking company asks is: "Are you good with money?" and says: "You have to tell us the truth" but the banking companies aren't really sure you're upfront.

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