Top Ranked Mortgage Lenders

Top-ranked mortgage lenders

What are the UK's biggest mortgage banks? The Lloyds Banking Group, Barclays, HSBC and Mittelstand lenders recorded the strongest growth in the UK mortgage markets in 2017. Despite the volatility of credit volume and credit markets, the top 20 lenders largely maintained their rankings, with Lloyds remaining the largest and exceeding 41 billion.

In 2017 total loans amounted to 257bn, an increase of 4% on 2016 - a lower pace of increase than the 11% in 2016. Retail organization figures showed that the increase in new loans was the highest among the lenders ranked 21-30 in 2017, borrowing 3 billion pounds more than the 21-30 group in 2016 - a 40% upturn.

Lloyds, Barclays and HSBC increased their loans by 2.7bn, 2.5bn and 2.6bn respectively, with increases in equity of 0.4%, 0.6% and 0.8% respectively. Throughout the country, credit fell by 3.6bn, resulting in a 2% decline in UK franchise. In addition, there have been some remarkable results from small and medium-sized lenders. The Metro Bank crossed the 3 billion threshold when it added a further 1 billion to its total loans - an up 50% to keep up with the rank 16.

The Paragon Bank recorded a 78% growth in credit growth from the 21 to the 19, Legal and General also made a significant leap from 27 th to 23 th, after credit growth of 67%. Meanwhile, Foundation Home Loans and Pepper both matched their loans to reach 300 million and bring 10 places to 37.

In 2015, medium-sized lenders in particular grew by 56% with an rise in the volume of loans per year.

In 2015, medium-sized lenders in particular grew by 56% with an rise in the yearly credit portfolio. However, in 2016, these medium-sized lenders recorded a softer pace of economic expansion, and it was the turn of those in the next higher category - those ranked 21-30 in terms of credit size - who made progress.

In 2016, the percentage of new loans from the top 10 companies stayed constant at 84%. TSB Bank recorded the strongest increase among them, increased its overall portfolio by 0.5% and moved up one place in the rankings to tenth place. Several other companies in this group saw a significant increase in business activities, including the most accurate mortgages with 54% credit increase, Metro Bank (67%), Fleet Mortgages (150%) and Legal & General Home Finance (200%).

Total exposure in 2016 amounted to 245bn, up 11% from 2015, a slightly higher pace of increase than the 9% recorded in the previous year. There are sixty lenders listed in the CML's chart for 2016 total exposure (companies that lend over £50 million) compared to 55 in the previous year.

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