Top Rated Credit Cards 2016

Highly rated credit cards 2016

Best airline mileage credit cards These premium airline mileage award credit cards can help you reduce the costs of a vacation. Having an airline rewards credit can help you reduce the costs of a vacation. Each time you spent on the map, you earn mileage or points associated with certain free flight rewards.

For example, British Airways Executive Club members must accumulate Avios, while Virgin Atlantic's Flying Club members must accumulate Flying Club Miles to receive rebates from the carrier. One good way to increase your score is to use an AA credit line. British Airways American Express is a map that you can use to set up Avios.

You can make an £1 for every £1 you buy. You will receive a total of 9,000 complimentary Avos if you use your 1,000 pound credit for the first three month. In addition, each year you will receive an accompanying gift certificate which will be issued for 12 consecutive years.

On this map, the average interest rate is 22.9% per annum. You can get much more for an annuity of £150 with British Airways American Express Premium Plus. Five vios for every 1 spent on the ticket. This is 50% more than the free British Airways American Express ticket has to offer.

You can also set up three vios for every 1 pound issued by British Airways or BA Holidays. You will receive 25,000 complimentary Avos as an initial quote if you withdraw 3,000 with your Prepaid Voucher before 10 February in the first three month.

You can also get a free escort pass if you buy 10,000 or more each year that is free for 24 month. Virgin Atlantic's White Credit Credit Card Accounts are a toll-free airline mileage award accounts equipped with an American Express and Visa cards to help you earn Flying Club Miles.

Collect one £1 for every £1 spent on the Amex and £2 for every £2 spent on your visa. You will receive a 3,000 complimentary Club Miles on your first purchases within 90 business days of opening your flight plan savings or free Virgin Atlantic travel (plus tax and fees), booth upgrade (where the flight plan really comes into effect) and airline escort ticket.

Representatives of the interest rate on the bank accounts are 17.9% per annum. Virgin Atlantic Black credit card accounts offer dual advantages for an annuity of £140. You will receive two Flying Club Miles for every 1 pound issued on the Amex and one Flying Club Mile for every 1 pound issued on the visa.

If you make a transaction on either of these cards within 90 working days of opening your Flying Club Membership you will receive 18,500 Flying Club Miles. An annual interest rate of 52% is applicable, taking into consideration the charge. Avios can also be collected with the Avios credit cards from Avios.

You' ll actually receive two cards: one Avios for every 1 pound issued to American Express and 5 pounds issued to MasterCard. Others includes duplicate Avios for all American Express expenses in the first six month and duplicate Avios if you are abroad. With 0% the ticket comes on account for six month.

When you have a credit you wish to move, you can receive 1,500 reward vouchers for every 1,000 you receive from a supplier within the first 90 trading day. You can get more with the Premier Aviation Credit Cards for an annuity of £50. Twenty-five vios for every 1 pound issued on American Express and for every 5 pounds issued on MasterCard.

The other benefits available are duplicate Avios abroad and a complimentary pass if you are spending £15,000 in a year. There is also a 0% six month remainder on the map and you will receive 1,500 Avios for every 1,000 you earn in 1 which you deposit within the first 90 trading day from a unique supplier for a 3% surcharge.

With the introduction of its new Spend&Fly credit program, Flybe has revised its credit cards. In contrast to other credit cards, there is no points system, instead you get free travel on the basis of the amount you use. The Flybe credit cards offer a free fly back if you pay 250 pounds within the first six month as a welcome gift.

Here is what you can get depending on how much you spent afterwards: Further advantages of the map are discount on Flughafenparkplätze, 10% discount on Avis hire cars, commission-free travelling expenses and excluding hotel discount. Annual interest with the prestigious annual rate for the card is 18.9%. The Etihad Guest Credit Account (powered by MBNA) may be worthwhile if you fly regularly with the Abu Dhabi Etihad Airways domestic carrier.

Amex and Visa cards are supplied with the bank to collect points. Etihad Guest Membership 5 mile for every 1 pound issued on the Amex and for every 2 pound issued on the visa. You will receive 5,000 initial mileage bonuses if you spent at least 250 on the map within the first 90 trading day.

It also offers 0% on flights purchased from Abu Dhabi for 12 month and 0% on balances and cash for six month for a 2% surcharge. Like Etihad, Emiraates has a similar rewards system and there are two credit cards that you can use to earn Skywards miles. Free of charge is the Skywards emirate bankroll.

Again you will get an Amex and a visa, with a Skywards Mile for every 1 pound issued on the Amex and one for every 2 pounds issued on the visa. Collect 5,000 Skywards miles when you make your first shopping trip within the first 90 business days. It also offers 0% on Emirates air travel and 0% on your account balances for 12 month and six month cash transfer for a 2% surcharge.

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