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The CML calls for a review of lending rules Fair treatment of mortgage customers in the event of payment defaults: effects of automatic capitalisation: February 2017 mortgage benchmarking exercise Updating of the mortgage subprime mortgage markets for February 2017. Threesixty has supported the introduction of The DA Alliance, a mortgage equal opportunities group. Assisting home-owners to move home could support first-time purchasers who get on the housing-line, the council of mortgage lenders has said. CML has pointed out that although the number of first-buyer deals has recovered since the collapse, the number of do-it-yourselfers has hardly risen.

At the end of last year, the number of home real estate transaction rose by only 0.2 percent. Borrower cannot profit from an off-set mortgage as they do not understand how these businesses operate, research by Accord Mortgages showed. Home prices continued to grow steadily in the first half of this year, although there were indications of a deceleration in the UK economies that could increase pressures on the real estate markets.

According to the latest figures, the mortgage cash-back period is drawing to a close. A study conducted by money facts shows that cash back deal rates have declined over the last two years. Brexit and tax effects on BTL - Last year was rather worrying for the UK buy-to-lease markets.

During the last three moths of 2016, HM Revenue & Customs raised an additional 519 million from the 3% premium on secondary residence tax. After criticizing the higher interest rates stresstests, the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) asked the Financial Policy Committee (FPC) to revise its policy for creditors.

The Castle Trust has re-launched its mortgage offering with a new website and phone number to make it easy for agents to do deals with the creditor. The mortgage company Aldermore is to cut the amount of account histories a mortgage holder has to declare when requesting a mortgage from two years to one.

The TSB has given a rebate of 0.10 percent on its total Buy-to-Let area, while prices have been raised for select housing fixtures - both for do-it-yourselfers. Selfemployment, temporary work and those with less than ideal credentials are provided with a tailor-made fee-based retransfer service by The Mortgage Lender (TML).

It offers two-year interest rate caps on credit up to 85 percent Loan-to-Value, with interest from 3.41 percent. As of February 1, Accord Mortgages will introduce five new off-set mortgage option products, among them a selection of non-prepaid mortgage products.

Fleet Mortgages, the buy-to-let lending bank, has introduced two new single lessor product lines to the market. As of 31 January, the consultants will have at their disposal two-year flat prices, 75 percent of which will be provided at Loan-to-Value (LTV) and 5 percent at a rent of 125 percent. The Metro Bank has introduced a all-time low of five years interest fix up to 65 percent Loan-to-Value (LTV) at 1.84 percent.

The Atom Bank has expanded its portfolio of LTVs by 80 percent and 85 percent respectively at two and five-year conditions through purchases and re-mortgages. As a result, almost as many individuals used their retirement deposits to cover a vacation as to repay their mortgage (10 percent).

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