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It is important not to look only for the lowest interest rate when choosing a mortgage. Debt Dundee Mortgage Advice from First Mortgage With First Mortgage, we provide you with free, unbiased mortgage advisory services that search the entire mortgage brokerage industry to find the best mortgage for your finances - backed by our unparalleled "Best in Market" Warranty. Our consultants will accompany you every step of the way from our Dundee offices to ensure that your mortgage application is as stress-free as possible.

There is no one sized fit all mortgage solution, and our locals will take the trouble to comprehend your own particular situation to make sure you find the right mortgage for you every single one. We are not just a mortgage brokers - we are a free, award-winning mortgage brokers with free entry to the best out there.

Most mortgage brokers charging you a high commission for the use of their services, we do not. Mortgage banks fully finance our services, so you can say goodbye to the consultancy costs. Free consultation only. Customers like to talk about our award-winning services. You' re not gonna be paying us any dues.

For this reason, our brokers use ingenious Whole Of Market research utilities specifically developed to provide you with the best offer possible on the basis of your specific needs. This means that we can advise you on all lenders' product ranges - across all markets.

Mortgages in Spain at a glance

Obtain a non-binding mortgage offer today and find a Q&A on the most common mortgage issues in Spain with Kevin Monger from Mortgage Direct. EspaƱa has a fairly mature mortgage business with a large number of mortgage providers who offer an often confusing array of package options. Brokers' privileged relationship with major domestic and foreign financial institutions ensures that they are able to offer our customers the best terms and obtain the best mortgages from the best mortgage providers, often unavailable elsewhere.

You can also take them through the mortgage establishment procedure one by one. There are many good reason for most individuals to finance at least part of a real estate transaction, especially as interest levels are currently low. Also, our mortgage officers are able to help you determine which type of redemption plan is best for you - be it firm, flexible or a mix of both.

You specialise in providing security for non-resident and resident mortgage loans in Spain and receive the most highly competetive mortgage interest rate in Spain. You can also help you in deciding whether to take out a mortgage in Spain or remobilise an already owned home in another state. In recent times, the number of loans granted by Spaniards for real estate purchase by local credit institutions has increased dramatically, resulting in some very lucrative terms being available.

Usually non-residents have up to 70% mortgage and 80% resident mortgage available (i.e. those who are paying their personal tax in Spain). Outside Europe, some bankers tend to reduce their lending, although this will depend on the customer's personalities. The interest rate is still at an all-time low and has stayed low for the last 4 years.

It is possible for interest rates to increase in the near term, however, and for this account many customers favour a fixed-rate mortgage. Having examined the purchaser's specific needs, our mortgage brokers turn directly to his contact persons and give the purchaser the liberty and trust to make an offer for real estate.

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