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Some of the best mortgage lenders for independent contractors are those who offer real mortgages for contractors. Top mortgage lenders for client services and value for money ratings - all vendors rated

Our one-year survey of client services rated the best of the best, taking into account quality of life, value for money and overall expertise. Bausparkasse was awarded five star for payment agility and 97% of clients said they were happy with their mortgage. Mortgage lenders were awarded only two star ratings for value for price, with two-thirds of clients providing the default floating interest on their mortgages.

Every seventh client Which talked to was unhappy with his mortgage. "Chosing the right mortgage for you will probably be one of the greatest pecuniary choices you have ever made. "It is important that you choose the right supplier for your particular needs. "The 5 poorest lenders for good value for your money A good starting point is the government-backed monetary advice service.

There is a mortgage calculator that allows would-be borrower to see how much they can afford in order to lend and how much they will be making payments each month. Find out more about mortgage computers here. Your best mortgage lender depends on your home and your individual situation such as your loan histories, your job situation and how much you want to lend.

Whilst the majority of mortgage loans are granted by only six major lenders, some less well-known lenders have begun to fill the best-purchase charts. Find a mortgage advisor who can provide unbiased and unbiased guidance throughout the entire mortgage brokerage process to find the mortgage that best suits your needs and conditions.

We have a guidebook on the do' s and don'ts of looking for a mortgage agent, here.

F├╝rstentum Spitzenreiter Which? Questionnaire among the best mortgage lenders

More than 3500 mortgage buyers surveyed the client services, mortgage enquiry processes and value for price to see which mortgage providers went beyond this to provide their mortgage buyers with an excellent mortgage offering expertise. Bausparkasse receives five star for the flexible nature of its mortgage payment, and almost all (97%) of our existing clientele said they were happy with their mortgage.

Loan provider got two star for value for price and we found that two third of the clients we listened to paid the floating reference value for their mortgage. One in seven clients we found out about was unhappy with his mortgage. Chief Customer Officer der Principality Building Society, Julie-Ann Haines, sagte :

"Chosing the right mortgage for you will probably be one of the greatest pecuniary choices you have ever made.

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