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Quensmead YC - Round the Island Race 2009

Racing weekends, expected with excitement, begin and the crews are back in the field for the last one. Tomorrow came and it was a nice beginning when the next crews meeting for our breakfasts. It was a good one and we adjusted and tried them until we were totally happy, so we went straight to Cowes to do some tests before the big one.

I hadn' t got the idea what would happen if the skipper wasn't able to control his ship ?, so I quickly dropped down the companion's path, hit my shoulders against the ground and shouted in agony ï how real it was ½ I hadn' t got the idea what would happen if the skipper wasn't able to control his ship too well. Aka Spam Hands ?ask Jimbo) jumped into the act and handled the matter perfectly without asking me, who had become very much aware in the meantime.

It was a matter of sobriety in the evenings, thinking about the day's happenings - s - and how I would compete with a fractured neck. We all got ourselves prepared after lunch and then I realised that while wearing a new garment I could shorten the snake in the institutions while others were dancing in the snake.

At our berth we slid out, said our prayer and went patrolling the starting line. Nadles were clear and the kiteboard was prepared, started professional and pulled well when we were rounding ï a little bit nearer ? than ever before. It was a fantastic view from the back and well used with some dinghi technique when we cut off many a ship during a manoeuvre near the area.

The things went well and we were in high spirits, that permitted Smudge, our helmet who did not quit his job for all the races, to improve his communications abilities with other drivers. Returning to the mooring, we set off for supper on the cooker and a well-earned lunch was taken while keeping an eye on the results.

Turns out it was seventh in the navy and 201 overall ï not too poor, so we went out to party with the other teams. On our way to the award ceremony we grabbed Ben Ainslie's shoulder (not mine) and complimented the winner. At this point the team separated, so that we said goodbye, so that the ship was taken back by the ship's members and enjoy a quiet trip.

Tomorrow began with a knocking on the fuselage when the remainder of the team announced their attendance. There was a lot of wind, but we were all in the best of moods when we left for our breakfasts. Now, that the crews were really fuelled, we pushed the ropes and Steve (the substitute member in red) at the rudder, we quickly made our way to the open ocean, additional training, so I went to the Needles where we played with the breakers sometime.

Meanwhile the crews were totally tired and so we went to our moorings for a fresh bath and dinner. Because of the early launch, the night was brief, but the team still had a lot of fun. Returning aboard the enthusiasm about the upcoming show began to show as they mutually matched their visions and presented their gear ý it was too good to be real. ý ý the mooring.

It seemed like a series of reactions started when Jimbo first fell, as you can see if you look right, and with some big squalls and big oceans that hit us. Residual crews handled the brief case very well and reached about 11 knot from Bembridge Ledge. The back end of the island was completed in good season, so we have high expectations for the races when things are at eye level.

We set off and took our mooring with absolute accuracy, water boiler and some medication for the crews who hadn't fully recuperated. They had to be thoroughly scrubbed before we gave them back and then said goodbye ï The Race is next. Here we are again, the famous Queensmead Yachts crews are back in the field for their second of three intense sailing practice weeks before the big event where we represent you.

Friday began with the normal paperwork of handing over and correctly providing the boat. We then made our way to the Gosport head office and began to plunge into a nourishing dinner before returning for the evening to complete the weekend itinerary. Next ripple from the crews came and we began to get ready.

We were a man down that morning ï Richard who had moved out at the last moment, but as you can see on the photo, a short journey to doc?s ,a night in bed, and a big dosage of jumpsuit and he made it back for Sunday.

A few short ours we put the dragon away and made our way westwards towards Lymington, where a peaceful evening of calm and contemplation took place in the comforts of the Mayflower. The Sunday came all too quickly, because it was an early starting. Everything cleaned and laundered we made some speck sambo ½s and a jug of freshly brewed cup of tea so that we could talk about the day's fine points until our missed member of the staff left his hole.

Further exercises were done and most of the members of the crews got an overview of their role and the squad began to return to the home harbour as soon as possible to make the old lady walk. Unsolicited crews took off their race hats and the boats were decelerated, the gensets were rolled up quickly to increase visual impact, and as you can see, we sent our fastest member with the horns forward to keep us safe from other ships.

We celebrated our farewell and went tired into the sundown. I' d like to begin by dispersing the pop ulair legend that a renegade part of the sailors' association had gone out with slightly larger gadgets, just a pile of hopeless drunk lazybones.

Well, it turns out that this group of elites with needs has now built its foundation on something a little more robust than a doner spear stranded with Highland Park and a side mission from Courvoisier to begin serious practice for the arduous Round the Island where they have high expectations of not getting to number one.

At the beginning of the week, the foreman carried out all the necessary paperwork for the handover and proper provision of the boat. We then met with the remainder of the team at our Gosport head office, where we began with the unpleasant job of creating the workout schedule for the week-end under the given circumstances.

Following careful consideration, we determined that the initial schedule established at the pre-trip session needed only a small adaptation, and we made our way back to an early one. Tomorrow came and it was as predicted ? sunny day with a fresh wind, so we started for our cereal and chocolate breakfasts at the café.

So we started and gave the boat and the good crossing so that she was in good shape again and set off for a lettuce and one or two sodas. At the end of our regular motor inspections we found that we had been losing coolant at ½, so the crew went into operation and switched off the coolant pumps, changed the impeller and we were off.

Then we cleaned the boat, gave the keys and got our entire security back, said goodbye and with a slightly tearful eyes we went back.

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