Transunion Business Credit Report

Business Transunion Credit Report

Data protection declaration of the TransUnion office They have the right to contradict the use of your person-related dates. That means that each of them is accountable for the fair and lawful use of it. In this section, we explain the purpose for which we use your personally identifiable information. For more details about the kinds of personally identifiable information we may use for these uses, please see Section 3 below.

Your personally identifiable information is used to deliver products and service to the company you are with. When you have requested a loan from one of our customers, they will submit your details to us so that we can find you in our database and give you information about your credit history. Please note that we do not have any information about your credit status. You will use this information to evaluate your credit worthiness and determine whether you can pay it back.

For more information on how we (and other credit agencies) use personally identifiable information in these communications, please refer to the credit agency's information sheet. Personally identifiable information is used to deliver our products and related products to organizations other than those with which you directly interact. In this case, we use this reagent to give real-time scam warnings to customers who have signed up for this feature.

For more information on how we (and other credit agencies) use personally identifiable information in these services, please refer to the credit agency's information sheet. Occasionally, we may use personally identifiable information to improve, develop or test our product and system. As far as possible, we will make the information anonymous or pseudonymous beforehand.

Your personally identifiable information may be used for lawful and governmental non-commercial use. If a customer makes use of our service, he usually sends us information such as We use this information to help us correlate your information with the other information we store in our database. Further pertinent information such as the type of credit request.

If we do obtain this information, we will cross-reference it with the other information we store to find and provide supplementary information about you. There may also be similar types of information about individuals who are financial related to you. Further information about the types of person-related information we store and where we obtain it from can be found in the information leaflet of the credit agency.

UK privacy legislation permits the use of your personally identifiable information where this is necessary for lawful reasons, provided that this is not offset by the effect on you. It is the legit interests that we usually pursue when we provide our customers with services: To help us do this, we share personally identifiable information about prospective debtors, their financing partners and their finance histories.

Our mission is to offer identification, defraudation and anti-money lending solutions to help customers comply with statutory and government requirements, to help people verify their identities, and to help identify and prevent defraud and fraudulent activities. Providing information to help with these audits. The use of your personally identifiable information is governed by a comprehensive set of security measures that help protect your privacy.

In this section, we describe the kinds of recipients with whom we can exchange information. When you use our service, we pass on your information. See Section 2 for an example of this type of transfer. Your information may be shared with third party companies to help us use it for the purpose described in Section 2.

Our database of personally identifiable information, for example, may be host by third party on our behalf. Your information may be used to contact us for marketing purposes. Under certain conditions, we may disclose your personally identifiable information to members of the TransUnion Information Group. We are also active in other countries of the European Union - currently in the Netherlands, Lithuania and Spain - and can also access your personally identifiable information from there.

The use of information at these sites is in these cases covered by EU privacy legislation. Wherever we use cloud-based technologies or a datacenter or back-up facilities abroad. Therefore, when we transmit your personally identifiable information abroad, we will ensure that appropriate security measures are in place to safeguard your information.

Transmission of information to an organization which is a member of a system recognised by the public authority as having an adequate standard of security. An example is the Privacy Shield system which has been established between the EU and US administrations. You can find information on how long we keep your information as a credit bureau in the information leaflet of the credit bureau.

Your personally identifiable information will not be used to make automatic decision about you. As a credit bureau, for example, we do not determine whether you should be given a loan or not - this is the responsibility of the creditor. Not only do we deliver information and analysis that helps our customers make credit and other decision making, but our customers' own information, skills, process and practice will usually be important to their decision making - and will always be.

Quantity and nature of the credit contracts you have, and how you use these credit commodities. There are several different types of right you have with respect to the personally identifiable information we have about you. When you are looking for information about your right with regard to the information that we collect in our role as a credit bureau, please read the credit bureau's information sheet.

If, for reasons of justified interest in the use of your person-related information, you do not agree with us (see section 4 above), you may oppose us. Deletion: Under certain conditions you may ask us to remove your personally identifiable information from our system. This does not usually hold true for all of your information, however, as we may have a good cause to retain some of it.

You may ask us to limit the way in which we use your personally identifiable information. They have the right to obtain some restricted types of information in a handheld form. This right, however, does not normally extend to the person-related information to which this declaration on the protection of your private information relates.

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