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What makes you think you should consider an applicant's credit report? Record FCRA verdict filed against TransUnion In the Ramirez v. TransUnion LLC case in the Northern District of California, a US federation panel of judges on June 20, a 8,185-consumer category of 8,185 citizens imposed the biggest ever ruling under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), comprising $8 million in legal and $52 million in criminal penalties. TransUnion's complaint was alleging that it failed to associate the credit records of regular users with persons of the same name on the U.S.

Department of the Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) Surveillance Lists.

As part of OFAC's implementation efforts, the Observation Lists contain the identities of persons and organisations associated with drugs dealing, terrorist activity and other forms of crime. In February 2012, Sergio L. Ramirez lodged his claim, claiming that he could not buy a vehicle in 2011 because TransUnion informed the creditors that his name might be in line with the items on OFAC's checklist.

And Ramirez further claimed that he tried to have TransUnion fix the mistake in his account, but did not get support. In the process, the classmates reasoned that TransUnion was asked by FCRA to ensure the correctness of its reporting and neglected to match SFAC matches against other personally identifiable information, such as date of birth. However, TransUnion was not able to verify the correctness of its reporting.

TransUnion further claimed that it had also infringed FFRA by providing OFAC match information only to creditors who requested credit reporting and not to customers, thereby denying customers the opportunity to contest and rectify the information. Trans-Union responded to these claims in court by accusing Ramirez of his credit reporting experiences, which were "mutilated" in several gearboxes before they reached the car dealers.

Trans-Union also claimed that the incorrect link to the OFCA observation schedules did not cause any real harm, since Ramirez, for example, could buy a vehicle in the same period and under the same conditions as if his name had not initiated the OFAC schedule link.

By rejecting these claims, the panel found that TransUnion: intentionally did not observe adequate processes to ensure the greatest possible precision of the Ofac information it associated with members of the classes; (2) intentionally did not clearly and precisely publish OFA information in writing that it sent to members of the classes; and (3) intentionally did not send a abstract of its FCRA privileges with any actual writing to them.

It is not the first that TransUnion is in warm waters about its OFAC coverage. During 2009, a private individual filed a case against TransUnion for a credit statement, which was also made available to a car dealership that mistakenly associated its name with the OFAC Surveillance Lists. Finally, the car dealership was able to verify that the customer was indeed not on the OFAC register and did not suffer any adverse effect from the incorrectly reported information.

The Third Court of Appeals dismissed TransUnion's argument that it could not have infringed upon FRA for this reason: The OFAC notification was not part of a'consumer report' as understood by the FCR and the OFAC notification was not part of the'file' of the user as understood by the FCR.

Third Circle confirmed Trans Union's responsibility and the jury's granting of compensation and penalty as requested by the Regional Tribunal. In the Ramirez case, the huge accolade is a caveat to all credit bureaus and providers of proactive surveillance and cross-referencing of information that may end up in a person's credit reports.

A case similar to that of Ramirez would outlive today's Spokeo examination in the absence of "concrete" infringements conceded to it by the supposedly incorrect report, and another tribunal would allow similar entitlements to be classed if the capacity of each consumer to prove a specific infringement can vary significantly and requires individual examination.

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