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The Callcredit product provides the most accurate view of credit risk. and TransUnion are partners for credit scoring in Canada

Financial Services International (NYSE:FICO), the leading and recognised credit assessment provider, and TransUnion, a leading provider of credit and information services, today announce that they are introducing the latest FICO Score Services to Canada." Built on the FICO 8 Score, the new rating provides a high-grade predictable general hazard value specifically developed for the Canadians.

Voluntary testing is ongoing and shows that clients are receiving three to five fold the gradual enhancement in forecasting risks typical of an extended valuation framework. It will be available for full deployment in March 2011. For the past two decades, FICO and TransUnion have teamed up to provide a comprehensive client portfolio in Canada, including major domestic, local and global credit providers, with a uniquely strong blend of analytical power, agility of services infrastructures and robustness of information.

FICO® Score is a new release that adjusts the latest analytical prediction technology and FICO score Blueprints to the unique dynamic of the Canada markets. TransUnion's TransUnion data base, which covers the whole of Canada's credit portfolio, enables the new score to capture the latest credit pattern and provide a more predictable approach to credit rating, in particular to assist with new business, new business and line-of-credit portfolio development.

FICO® 8 Score assesses the credit line apart from other credit facilities such as credit card revolvers as customers use these credit facilities differently. Furthermore, the score assesses consumer with relatively few credit records differently than consumer with more sophisticated credit history to enhance recognition of risks. Today FICO supplies almost 350 million FICO score sheets per year to customers throughout Canada.

Canada's creditors use FICO score software throughout the credit life cycle, from new account bookings to customer management. Of Canada's top ten creditors, nine use the FICO Score, and Canada's top creditors are committing to evaluating and planning their implementation of the new FICO Score 8. "Trans-Union and FICO have long worked together to provide some of the most advanced threat analysis software available to Canada's leading banks," said Thomas Higgins, Vice President of analytics and decision-making for Trans-Union.

"Again, we are leveraging our world-class services infrastucture with a new release of the FICO Score to help creditors make decisions and increase their profits. "We have had a significant foothold in Canada for more than 20 years and have helped establish FICO as the country's premier credit rating institution through TransUnion's extensive collaboration," said Jordan Graham, FICO Senior VP of scoring.

"The TransUnion has developed an comprehensive credit data base that spans the whole of the Canada resident community and thus releases the full potential of the new FICO 8-based score for our customer. Customer can upgrading to the new FICO® 8 Score to take full benefit of the additional functionality and benefits.

FICO's common TransUnion FICO services are developed to fit smoothly into a customer's existing credit process with minimized IT and operating expenses and provide enhanced forecasting capabilities at minimized deployment outlay. "Kathleen Stares, FICO Canada VP and Chief Executive, said, "Our customers in Canada are telling us they want to base their decisions based on the most reliable score models.

"Understanding and appreciating the value they place on progressive predictive analysis, we are excited to be able to offer FICO 8, the world' s leading industrial benchmark, through our relationship with TransUnion.

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