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Try to avoid expensive charges for using your credit card abroad. Advantages everywhere! Five of the best credit cards for British travellers...


Cards frighten you, annuities frighten you - but like many things in your lifetime, it's all about how you use them. Whatever the annuity, the best travel credit cards can help travellers stay well ahead of their yearly travel costs, while at the same time achieving a new level of convenience and luxuriousness.

These are the best UK travel credit cards available, regardless of the kind of traveller you are. Are you unsure whether you need air mileage or hotel points? One of the most versatile cards on the UK available today, with the option to immediately generate Amex, Virgin, Emirates, Hilton and other points, but with the added assurance that you can earn your points on many different airlines or hotels instead of committing to one.

Amex Travel members receive 3x points when booking with Amex Travel, 2x points when booking directly with an air carrier and 2 monthly pass per year. Not to the half-hearted travellers who do not immediately take advantage of our booking service. Merit: 1x points on everything, 2x on air travel with carriers, 3x on Amex Travel.

Main advantage: 2 V.I.P. tickets per year, no difference which carrier you fly. It is a competing Amex Platinum compliant calling plan, with half the annuity and higher uptake. It is a great way to collect points that can be converted into a wide range of carriers, or just cash in for a great travel discount that is good for any buy.

High-net-value customers who benefit from frequent flyer lounging opportunities and want an option to redeem their points across carriers. Registration bonus: 40,000 HSBC points if you spent 2k in the first 3 month of opening, plus another 40,000 if you spent 122k in the first 12month.

80,000 HSBC Points correspond to 40,000 air miles with British Airways, Cathay Pacific Asia and Singapore and Etihad. Earn: 2x points (1 flight mile) per for everything, 4x (2 flight miles) for international business. That'?s your map. Although this map will be changed after 1 August, getting the map now brings the best value for the future.

With SPG Points, you can do unbelievable things from staying in a Marriott resort to transforming 1 point into 1 flight with more than 35 carriers! These are the best flight tips that you can only activate with SPG if you are interested! Score points of nerds who want to use the least points for the best flight experience, and score points of those who want a powerful earnings pass for free stay in a city.

Earn: 1 SPG point for every 1 pound you spend on the ticket. One SPG point = 1. 25 flight mile if you cash 20,000 points at once. Main advantage: Convert points to air mileage with 35 carriers, all from one map. At £450 per annum per year you will certainly be getting a great deal out of this ticket.

If you travel a lot and travel in luxuries, you will get it. Amex Platinum is the Swiss Army Knife for luxurious travel that enables the use of hotels' equipment, provides a quick route to stunning airline fares, rebates and airline advantages, and at the same time provides advantages such as entry to the airline lounges. The Amex Fine Hotels & Resorts will unlock 2 get 1 free deals, daily rates, daily rates and other amenities that can more than compensate for the cost of the year in a unique deal.

It also comes with free SPG Gold and Hilton Gold and Shangri La membership, which you can redeem for Star Alliance Gold Free Maps. Individuals who are spending cash on luxurious properties, enjoying immediate, free élite rate and having full flight connections to the lounges, regardless of carrier or cab.

Earn: 1x points on everything, 2x with Amex Travel. 18,000 points per map recommendation. You can convert these points into points for hotels or air travel, with a wide range of options. Quick way to Star Alliance Gold, lounges, hotels rebates and up-grades. Is it British Airways or Virgin Atlantic? The simplest way to activate free tickets from Great Britain is for both cards to have a high value and a very similar offering.

Advantages are slightly different, but each ticket gives you the chance to collect the most points from each carrier for every trip you make, even your early bird tea. You can also activate 2 for 1 deals where two persons can travel for only one mile, upgrade and other discounts.

When you are a loyaltyist of one of the two carriers, these cards make a great deal of difference. When you travel over tonnes of carriers, perhaps one of the above. loyalty lists of both carriers who (as far as possible) adhere to the programme. The British Airways Amex costs £195 per year. The Virgin Atlantic Premium is £160.

Signup Bonus: British Airways Premium Amex is offering 25,000 points on your flight after 3,000 pounds spent within the first 3 month. Virgin Atlantic Mastercard provides 15,000 Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Miles after your first buy, within 90 business days of opening the membership pass. British Airways Premium Amex is offering 1. Five vios per pound for all flights and three for British Airways.

Virgin Atlantic Premium Mastercard also features 1. Five Flying Club Kilometres per pound and three on Virgin Atlantic shopping. Main advantage: Both cards give you a 2 for 1 coupon if you are spending £10,000 a year. While the British Airways is suitable for any type of aircraft, the Virgin Atlantic is only suitable for commercial use unless you are a Silver or Gold Virgin leaflet.

However, the Virgin Atlantic membership also provides more choices of reward, such as upgrading to Luxury or Luxury Passports when you don't need a passenger. What is your favourite credit for UK Travel?

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