Tri Bureau Credit Report

Three Bureau Credit Report

View up to six years of your credit history with your Experian Credit Report. I've just spent almost a year cleaning up my credit files and now shows up one more time! You go out with someone and are inquisitive about their debts and credit managment abilities. Alternatively, maybe your spouse has died off and you need to see what's on their credit report. And there are many good reason why you would be interested to see what is written on someone else's credit report that has nothing to do with it.

You can buy or request YOUR credit report from tens of sites, but getting someone else's credit report is not that simple. And the only way you can get another person's credit report is if you have what is called a legitimate purpose. Admissible purpose is a direct expression from the Fair Credit Reporting Act and specifies the terms under which an auditing firm can prepare credit information.

And since you have probably already found out to get your girlfriend's credit report just because she is your new friend is not on the docket. However, there is more than one way to skinn a kitten, and if you are hard-working and imaginative, it may not be possible to get your fingers on someone else's credit report.

They can certainly ask that your future leaseholder supply you with a credit report that they can get at any number of web sites. You can also buy your credit report from one of the many rental verification firms, but you must have their approval and collaboration. They can also order their credit reports from one of the credit bureau's web sites.

You will still need their consent and collaboration because you have to "authenticate" their identities, which means they have to respond to a few question that only they know the responses to. Those issues come directly from your credit report, so it is something like "Your credit report shows a 2004 opened mortgages credit, who is the creditor?

When you need credit information from a late partner, you must go directly to the credit bureau to obtain it. Rod Griffin, Director of Public Education at Experian, said, "You can obtain a copy of your late spouse's credit record by sending a note indicating that you are the deceased's husband and that you are obtaining a copy of his credit record.

" The following documents must be available: It'?s for the live spouse: Obviously this is going to be much less common than asking for a credit report for a live spouse  or flatmate, but I got some queries this past year from shoppers who want to know how to get the credit report of their late husband.

However, it was not nearly as widespread as those who want help getting credit information from their mates.

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