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Triple Credit Repair

Here we are to meet your credit repair service needs! There are many ways we can help you get rid of this bad credit and have a much better credit rating! A Edinburgh-based company, Trinity Domestics specialises in the sale and repair of household appliances. The services offered in the shop include custom jewellery design, jewellery cleaning, repairs & restorations and jewellery valuations.

The Trinity Enterprise is a Christian based repair company.

Renovation & Repair - Trinity Community Arts and Crafts

Find out more about the story of the restoration of the former Holy Trinity Church in our on-line archives. Restructuring and maintenance of the Trinity Centre was assisted by: The Allchurches Trust, BiffaAward, Big Lottery Reaching Communities Buildings, Bristol City Council, Foyle Foundation, Garfield Weston Foundation, Heritage Lottery Fund, Historic England, Ibstock Enovert / Enovert Community Trust, Pilgrim Trust, SITA Trust, Veolia Trust, Theatres Trust.

The Trinity is ready for a radiant sun - Trinity Community Arts and Culture

Following almost a year of skeleton construction, we will unveil our iconical turrets again after the completion of our program of crucial repair work. Work on the Center, a Class II* heritage property, began in October 2017 as part of our long-term plans to preserve and refurbish the Trinity Center and secure its continued existence as both a center for communal art and one of Bristol's most prestigious concert halls.

Investigations in January 2018 showed substantial historical damages to the edifice, so the u.s. had to find additional funding to save the edifice from further destruction and avoid the former chapel being reinstated in the "At Risk" Registry of Historical England. We were lucky to get a subsidy from historical England after a government call to safeguard Trinity's past, present and tomorrows, along with funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund, Bristol City Council, other non-profit trusts & foundations and large contributions from the people.

Under the direction of Ferguson Mann Architects from Bristol and the Carrek contractor - local heritage preservation specialist - a 51-week long mission was carried out. The works comprised repair work on the roofs, coloured glazing and the legendary "Trinity Towers" as well as the elaborate repair of the historical bathing rock structure of the edifice.

Over £2 million has been spent since 2008 to repair and rehabilitate the Trinity Center - a Bristol Council property - from a derelict site to a flourishing participative art center for inner urban dwellers. This latest repair work is the last stage of rehabilitation to rebuild the structure and further improvements are scheduled to enhance the viability and durability of the area.

Prioritising what work we did meant that we had to eliminate some of the proposed sustainable improvement such as a second PV system and batteries as well as extra noise abatement work. As Trinity Road Police Station is scheduled for possible housing developments, we recognize the importance of these enhancements for both current and prospective new occupants.

That is why we strive to make sure that we invest in improving the venues to maximize use and secure the continued viability of the show. By improving the facility, we can still accommodate more than 160 local and volunteer groups who carry out a variety of periodic events from senior dance courses to the monthly Rhythm of the Night, a night club for adult learners.

Supporting communal groups with over 4000 free and subsidized indoor floor areas per year to make sure the center remains an immeasurable workspace. Among other things, such an activity is made possible by revenue from our parking lot and supported by government grants. That would not be possible without Trinity - which offers stunning classrooms," says Adrian Longstaffe, who visits Gerry's Attic, a dancing group that takes place at Trinity every week.

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