Truly free Credit Score

Really free credit check

Noddle and ClearScore don't really have this requirement for free. Former Google leader Dan Cobley starts start-up company ClearScore Cobley On Thursday, Clearsore, a spin-off of Finnish technology co-founded by Google's former British CEO Dan Cobley, opened its gates to the general public for the first Tuesday. Since the beginning of the months, the business has only been open for a few customers to test, offering free credit. We will immediately begin to run TV commercials for you.

"It' like a CreditExpert without the 15 ($23) a flat per capita. Our sales approach is that, if we can help you better understanding your credit history and the goods and service that are right for you, then we can guide you to them and we receive a fee from the vendors."

For 3 years until August last year, Cobley managed the British operations of Google and reported to Google's chief executive Matt Brittin. In 2006, he came to Google from the credit cards firm CapitalOne as UK Market Manager. Ever since he left the searchengine, Cobley has been helping build Brightbridge Ventures, a Fintech-focused founder.

The Brightbridge is the Finnish division of Blenheim Chalcot, a business that has existed since the end of the 90s. As Cobley says, "We restart companies from the ground up and take an owner with us, or we pick up an entrepreneur's ideas and say, OK, we'll support you for the long haul. ClearScore is a Brightbridge products headquartered in Blenheim Chalcot's Hammersmith, West London office.

With ClearScore, we saw the possibility of doing something like credit karma in the UK and we went to our own business and found the right man to run it - a man named Justin Basini who used to work for me at CapitalOne". U.S.-based Credit Karma, which also offers free credit checks, recently collected $175 million (£112 million) at a rating of $3 billion (£1.92 billion).

Mr Cobley says Brightbridge is providing at least 10 million ($15.6 million) for ClearScore to make it a hit.

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