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They can go directly to the mortgage banks themselves, but you might miss some of the benefits that a broker brings: Which one? best mortgage lender uncovers - which one? press-office

More than 3500 mortgage buyers surveyed the client services, mortgage enquiry processes and value for price to see which mortgage providers went beyond this to provide their mortgage buyers with an excellent mortgage offering expertise. Bausparkasse receives five star for the flexible nature of its mortgage payment, and almost all (97%) of our existing clientele said they were happy with their mortgage.

Loan provider got two star for value for price and we found that two-thirds of the clients we learned about paid the floating reference value for their mortgage. One in seven clients we found out about was unhappy with his mortgage. "Chosing the right mortgage for you will probably be one of the greatest pecuniary choices you have ever made.

Your best mortgage lender depends on your home and your individual situation such as your loan histories, your job situation and how much you want to lend. Find a mortgage advisor who can provide unbiased and unbiased guidance throughout the entire mortgage brokerage process to find the mortgage that best suits your needs and conditions.

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No matter whether you are a first-time purchaser, relocating to a larger home or reducing the size of your home, we can find the right mortgage for you. Our network of high-street lenders, specialized lenders and personal banking partners allows us to find the right offer for you. We can help you find the right financing for your investments, from "random" lessors with a sole lease to seasoned lessors with large portfolio.

Be it through a major creditor, a specialised buy-to-lease service company or retail banking, we have the best product available, some of which are only available through brokerage. A few high-street lenders are lending on bigger mortgages that range from 1m to 5m, but if you need a mortgage of that magnitude, or beyond, it is more likely that the commercial bank will have the response.

Our strong, long standing relationship with all major retail banking institutions, some of which you may never have even heard of, allows us to tailor the right borrower to your particular needs. A simple home or buy-to-let mortgage is sometimes simply not enough. No matter whether you need interim financing, want to construct your own home and a home built mortgage, are an ex-pat who wants to buy in the UK, or need an agrarian mortgage, we can help you and know which lenders to turn to.

Helping our customers provide financing for the expansion of housing projects, which include apartments and homes. Working with a number of lenders, we make sure you get the best financing option.

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