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Join the United Way team. Jamestown United Way and its 2010 initiative, The World of U, is a good thing to support local. The two main causes of the campaign's support are the number of groups it supports and the fact that almost all the funds collected remain directly in the area.

The Jamestown United Way assists a large number of community authorities and organisations. These 22 agents and organisations in turn help all types of individuals in the city, from youngsters to older individuals with needs such as credit counseling or healthcare. Scouts and Girl Scouts both profit from the United Way. Both the Salvation Army and the Red Cross help the inhabitants in emergency situations, and they also profit from it.

And the second good thing about supporting the United Way's community is that 99 per cent of the funds collected stay here. "is like a central point of contact for contributions. Making a contribution, helping many others. The target for this year is 185,000 US dollars, compared to last year's target of 205,000 US dollars.

Diminishing goals mean that charity time is getting slimmer, as United Way organisers admit. Tough business conditions mean that a contribution to United Way can do a great deal of good for many. If you' re thinking about charity, look at the one place that can help 22 agencies: The Jamestown United Way.

The FINRA Investor Education Foundation And United Way Worldwide announces that nearly $1.5 million in grants will be provided to fund grassroots financial education projects.

Meanwhile, the FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) Investor Bildung Foundation and United Way Worldwide UWW have pledged nearly $1.5 million in subsidies to 12 beneficiaries to expand the scope of community-based finance programmes across the state. Funding was provided by the FINRA Foundation as part of a new programme, entitled FINRA Foundation, entitled Fiscal Education in Your Communities, which is managed in partnership with United Waywide.

Throughout 2008, United Way concentrated its policy management effort on the well-being of the country's local governments and set an aggressive ten-year target to reduce half the number of low-income family members lacking fiscal resilience. "John Gannon, President of the FINRA Foundation, said, "We are proud to work with United Way to enhance the capabilities of community-based organisations to deliver impartial educational funding and programmes of innovation to hard-working people and families.

"Communities groups have the unprecedented ability to provide their neighbours with the information they need to make solid monetary choices that help them rescue and multiply long-term wealth. "One and two year grant funds have been given in a competitive way to United Ways communities and other nonprofit groups that will implement innovative initiatives to determine best practice to provide working people and households with the information they need to take steps to increase their fiscal soundness.

Our products use our established programmes, our strong partnership with our customers, and our strong focus on a wide range of customers from the most affected areas of the world. "The United Way is dedicated to assisting working workforces, individual workers and family members in overcoming the harsh finances created by today's challenging business environment," said Brian Gallagher, President and CEO of United Way International.

"It is our pleasure to work with the FINRA Investor Education Foundation to help providing important funding resource to poor community groups and helping family members achieve greater self-sufficiency. Cleveland, Ga., $103,510 to work with the Head Launch Programme and offer a range of fundamental cash flow training courses for low-income family members in Northern Georgia.

$141,000 to start a four-week finance training course using the core ingredients of the American Dream Academy's highly acclaimed Parent Training Programme. Financials literacy classes are designed to meet the needs of programme members for extra training to provide the vital competencies needed to overcome low-income stature.

Braunschweig, Ga., $145,558; in partnership with the University of Georgia Cooperative Extension and various grassroots welfare offices to integrate initial finance training into customer programmes and offer bi-lingual training to the general population. The Four Bands Community Fund, Eagle Butte, S.D., $50,000; to work with the Consumer Credit Counseling Service of the Black Hills to deliver credit repairs and other funding information to the employees of 12 church organisations and the communities they benefit, and to conduct a reservation-wide open awareness raising drive to raise the profile of the funding information available through church partnership organisations.

The RISE Foundation, Inc. $144,986; to conduct their joint Cents and Making Cents job training programmes for employees of 54 non-profit organisations working with the United Way of the Mid-South. The United Way of Buffalo and Erie County, Buffalo, N.Y., $150,000; to guide the Cash CoalitionĆ¢ "efforts, composed of more than 60 community organisations working together on questions of fiscal stabilityĆ¢ "by pursuing a two-pronged approaches to the provision of fiscal literacy at the neighbourhood and organisational level.

The United Way Capital Area, Austin, Texas, $150,000; providing guidelines to employer as part of a major "Bank on Central Texas" effort to enforce policies for job market finance health, which include immediate deposits, automated deduction cuts, a standard request to reject suspended austerity schemes and enforcement of employee compensation entitlements.

The Foundation Community, a non-profit community -based community partnership, will enable employer organisations to deliver free employee finance training and individual training sessions. Connecticut, Hartford, Connecticut, Connecticut, Conn. $150,000 to extend the Hartford Asset Building Collaborative's individual budgetary coachings programme to address the needs of neighbourhood groups, religious groups and jobs.

The United Way of Chester County, West Chester, Pa., $77,172; piloted to achieve low and middle incomes for persons and middle incomes through nannies. As part of the project, finance training and individual coach sessions for the family and employees of seven children's centres in low-income districts of Chester County will be provided.

The United Way of Dane County, Madison, Wis. $150,000; to develop a funded personal development programme for low-income persons and family members using the Growing Your Green money facility and portfolio. Grow Your Green for Dane is a fundamental educational programme designed by teachers at the University of Wisconsin-Extension of Dane County.

The United Way of the Midlands, Omaha, Neb. $121,672 to work with four community based organisations that provide extensive finance training to low incomes led by lone parent women. One of the benefits of the grants programme will be an opportunity to test an open architecture finance administration open architecture programme designed specifically for non-profit organisations and their customers.

The United Way of San Antonio and Bexar County, San Antonio, Texas, $112,500; to support a neighboring finance literacy programme and a general awareness raising effort for those who live in low-income areas with a high proportion of alternate services. FINRA Investor Educational Foundation provides support for research and innovation initiatives that provide under-served Americans with the expertise, skill, and resources they need to succeed financially throughout their lives.

More information about funding opportunities and other Foundation activities can be found at www.finrafoundation.org. The Financial Industries Regulatory Authority (FINRA) is the principal non-governmental regulatory body for all investment companies operating in the United States. Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FINRA) is committed to protecting investors and ensuring regulatory excellence through the use of highly-efficient, highly-responsive regulatory instruments. INFRA will register and train sector players, audit investment companies, write and enforce regulations and German investment fund legislation, educate the investment community and provide trading reports and other sector services.

The FINRA also manages the biggest disputes settlement body for private equity funds and incorporated companies. The United Way is a global networking organization in 45 nations and regions, nearly 1,300 of which are located in the United States. It promotes the public good and creates better living for all by concentrating on the three main components of literacy, incomes and wellbeing.

United Way is creating long-term social transformation by tackling the root causes of issues that hinder advancement in these areas. UNITED is a call to act so that everyone becomes a part of it. To learn more about United Way, please visit: www.LIVEUNITED.org.

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