News: "Uncertain Wi-Fi detected" Typically, most Wi-Fi open access networking uses "WEP" open authentification, which is insecure. There are many vulnerabilities in this kind of encoding that can cause your personally identifiable information, such as your computer system' activity, to become visible. You can also mark your home networking as insecure if the WEP setting is used.

To improve your level of protection, we suggest that you select "WPA2" as the cryptographic method for your LAN, which is the most robust cryptographic method available. See your router's help documentation for more information about changing the encoding method, or consult the vendor of your computer. To stop being alerted again about the unsecure Wi-Fi Wi-Fi connection, click in the alarm pane.

You can find Wi-Fi in places like airport, cafes, shopping centres and bars so you can get free Wi-Fi feed. Although WLAN is practical for the general public, the use of these wireless LANs poses a risk. AND NOT ON THE WI-FI OF THE STATE. Personal information such as your credential may be disclosed when using your WLAN.

Own equipment - flexible or unsafe?

Up to 47% of the British company's workforce already use their own equipment for offices, according to the results of the poll. Occasionally, employees' equipment is likely to be more sophisticated than what the bureau can deliver. Sales advantages - because your co-workers can always stay up to date on the way between working remotely, meeting and travelling.

They not only have lucky and prolific employees, but can also show employee benefits to attract the best talents. Clear policies on document safety must be in place and employees must be fully informed about document safety, otherwise your company information may be compromised.

Do you have the capabilities to handle more than one equipment problem? If you continue with a BYOD strategy, clear directives must be put into practice in your company. Personnel must know what your police protection against thievery, losses or damages is so that the right insurances can be taken out to cover both the worker and the employers.

While there are potentially problems related to the safety of equipment going to and from the workplace, the way the corporate community moves appears to be the natural option - especially for small and medium-sized enterprises.

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