Unsecured Credit Cards to Build Credit

Uncovered credit cards for building up loans

When you are declined for an unsecured credit card, request a secured card. Note that prepaid cards do not build up credit. Secure and unsecured credit - what is the big deal?

Loans are many different kinds, but an important one is whether they are securitized or unsecuritized. What is the discrepancy between secure and unsecured credit? If you use secure credits, you are agreeing to use your home (or sometimes your car) as "security". Failure to pay back your creditor will allow them to resell your securities as a last option to get their cash back.

There is no need for collateral to take out unsecured loans, so there is usually less exposure - although you can still expect penalties and even litigation if you fail to repay. And who can get a secure loan? Usually you need to be a house owner to get a secure loan because you need to own real estate to use it as collateral.

In some cases, however, you can use your own vehicle (which you must own) as collateral. So why do creditors want collateral? Collateral can help creditors mitigate the risks of not getting their funds back. Creditors may think that you are a high-risk client if, for example, you have a large amount of debts or a story of missed repayments.

It is better to buy a home or rent over £25,000.

As a rule, you can reimburse loans that have been guaranteed over a longer term, e.g. several years. There is a danger of loosing your house (or car) if you cannot keep up with the refunds. It is usually not suited to lend small sums over a brief periods of inactivity. Paying back your debts over a long term means that you can still afford to owe a large amount of interest - even if the interest rates are relatively low.

They don't have to own anything or a vehicle. There is no need to use your house or vehicle as collateral and you run the risks of loosing it if you cannot afford the refunds. It is better suited to borrow smaller sums over a short term. They may need a better credit rating to obtain unsecured loans.

It is possible that you may not be able to lend large sums of money, e.g. over £25,000. They will usually have a short span of timeframe to pay back the debts. The interest rate can be higher, especially for credit cards and small credits.

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