Us Bank home Mortgage

We Bank home Mortgage

Fidelity's Mortgage Service Bundle Renewed by US Bank The Fidelity Information Service (Fidelity), a subsidiary of Fidelity National Financial (NYSE:FNF), today announces that it has reaffirmed its commitment to providing the US Bank Home Mortgage, a subsidiary of the US Bank and the nation's #16 biggest mortgage service provider, with additional information and service to help the bank's 475,000+ mortgage loan book. In addition, U.S. Bank Home Mortgage is planning to migrate the credit portfolios of its recently purchased Leader Mortgage Company, one of the nation's leading housing finance agency service providers, to Fidelity's Mortgage Servicing package (MSP) system by the second half of 2004. "Robert J.

Smiley, U.S. Bank Home Mortgage Sr., said, "Fidelity is an exemplary associate for us.

"Understanding our businesses, they have worked with us to maximise efficiencies and reach and maintain low maintenance costs. We also have ambitious targets to expand our portfolios, as demonstrated by the takeover of The Leader Mortgage, and we are optimistic that Fidelity will successfully drive our growth." He is an actively involved member of the Fidelity Mortgage Advisory Board, which assists in setting Fidelity's strategy targets for future products management activities.

In the context of this upgrade, and after the transfer of Leaders Mortgage Company lending to Fidelity's system, U.S. Bank will use Home Mortgage MSP to serve its full mortgage credit book, currently worth more than $60 billion. "U "U.S. Home Mortgage, as a leading company in the mortgage business, is working with us to make sure they get the most out of our system," said Hugh Harris, chairman of the mortgage department of Fidelity Information Services.

U.S. Bank Selects Sapiens Decision for Home Mortgage

"to help U.S. Bank's Home Mortgage Group meet its commercial goals." Many of the world's top banks use Sapiens' RESOLUTION to create, administer and automatize their operating, political and regulative decision-making. located in Minneapolis, connects its branches and ATM networks with wireless and on-line resources that enable clients to choose how, when and where they want to do it.

It is a complete set of client and agents portal and BI-platforms.

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