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What is Discover Card's popularity compared to Visa and MasterCard? We have four large credit card networks: Visa, American Express, MasterCard et Discover. Every single net determines where credit and debit card can be used. As well as these backbones, two credit card backbones (Discover and American Express) also offer credit card services to consumer customers. As an example, a credit card denominated by American Express or Discover uses the AmEx or Discover networking, but credit card denominated in the MasterCard or Visa networking may be denominated by a corporation such as Bank of America or Capital One, not MasterCard or Visa.

It is important to realize that each and every networks has a very different level of penetration, but penetration is not the overall view. What is the most beloved mapwork? Visas has the biggest part of the overall franchise with 48.8% of the total franchise size, more than 200 country acceptances and 8 million US merchant acceptors.

With a 31.3% slice of the pie, MasterCard is the second most widely used card issuer in the world, with more than 210 national markets and 8 million US retailers. American Express is more widely adopted around the world, while Discover is more widely adopted in the USA with 7 million dealers and 10.7% of total US sales. Dealers can use credit card options that they can approve by matching dealer account balances and charges.

The Visa and MasterCard are the most commonly used and most widely approved payment methods. Discovery is less widely used. Discovery does not work with banking to make credit and debit card payments available to customers, and the company's ecosystem levies a higher per-trade charge on merchant transactions. Discovery card holders also tended to have a lower total expenditure per month than MasterCard and Discovery.

Whilst the attractiveness of the networking is an important aspect, retailers should keep in mind that every networking has a different mean annual expenditure size. While American Express is the smallest of the four wireless carriers, American Express card holders spent an estimated $99.70 per average of their month on American Express, as opposed to $262.20 for MasterCard card holders and $315.50 for Visa card holders.

You should weigh this against the higher charges for transactions when you accept American Express and Discover Maps.

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