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The IRS declares mortgage interest deductions if the house has several proprietors. The interest payable on a guaranteed credit whose revenue has been used to purchase the taxpayer's main place of residence shall be deductable to the amount attributable to the first USD 1 million of the main credit of the credit. If a house has several proprietors, there are issues regarding the distribution of the interest deducted between the co-owners.

IRS found that each co-owner can subtract the part of the interest he or she actually paid. However, the fact that a taxpayer has a 50% interest in the dwelling does not necessarily mean that he/she has to pay a 50% discount on the overall interest if he/she is paying more than 50% of the overall interest on the dwelling mortgage.

If, for example, you own a house together with one of your kids or grandkids and are paying all interest on the credit, you can deduct all interest paid by you (subject to the capital ceiling of $1 million) even though you only have a 50% interest in the house.

You should be clear in this case that your paying all interest would lead you to make a rateable present to your son or daughter for that part of the interest that is not due to your share of the family. When you are an equitable co-owner of your son or grandson and are paying all interest on the loans, half of the interest you are paying would be regarded as a present for donation taxes.

Should the co-owners be paying the interest from a shared bank escrow agreement, each co-owner shall be deemed to have contributed half of the interest. For example, this may be the case if a couple interest their home mortgage from a shared bank but submit a seperate personal return. In the absence of proof to the contrary, it is assumed that each of the spouses contributed half the interest and was eligible for a reduction of half the interest.

Likewise, this could happen if an unwed married couple together own a house and have a common banking deposit on which interest is paid on their home mortgage.

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