Vehicle Secured Loan

Loan secured by vehicle

Log book loans are a fantastic way to get a loan if you own a vehicle but have a basic credit history. Loan is secured against your car. You searched the store - and beat the seller. You chose your beautiful new one. There' s only one little detail to figure out - the payment.

You searched the store - and beat the seller. Except if you are fortunate enough to have the money to buy a new car, you have two major options: put a car on financing or buy a second car with a loan. Policy 1: Request a loan from your local banks, buy your new vehicle and make a monthly payment.

You own the vehicle immediately, but it is important that you maintain your creditworthiness. Optional 2: Financing in the shop floor - either from the retailer or from the producer. If you are financing a vehicle, you will not own it until the end of the financing contract, and some financing contracts are designed in such a way that you never own the vehicle - more of it later.....

In order to help you decide, we have outlined some of the advantages and disadvantages of each of these options below. Request our giro bank accounts on-line.

Our services and what we want from you.

From £750 to 5,000 you can lend any amount from 12 months to 3 years. You will be responsible in reviewing your loan request so that you do not conclude a loan contract that you cannot finance. The loan has been fully paid back. In order to be eligible for a log loan, you must:

Possess the vehicle. Make sure that the vehicle is free of financial resources (exceptions may apply). Always keep the vehicle covered by insurance and tax. Do you have the option of making the loan repayment.

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Example of our agent for credit partners: If you take out 850 over 18 month at a lump sum of 132% per year (fixed) with a 450.5% APR agent, you make 17 month UK credit repayments of 140.72 and 1 month UK credit repayments of 140.76 with a refund of 533.00 pounds. Our credit partner will only calculate interest per month and will not punish you for early termination.

Paying back the loan in a single monthly instalment would only mean £93.50 and nothing more. Failure to pay may lead to extra charges and/or the return of your vehicle.

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