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How can I get credit information? Other Barclaycard Information How can I get credit information? Creditors ask your approval to countenance at your approval document when you request a approval commodity or employment to see if you can affluence yourself to filming on all new approval and also how certain a contributor you are - considering how you person been repaying different investor in the time.

Three credit bureaus will be able to supply you with your credit report, most of them for a small surcharge.

Management and reporting of bills and credit memos

From the billing document lists, you administer your bills and credit memos. Billing > Billing Lists. Here all your bills and credit memos are displayed, as well as those generated from customer orders and returned goods. Printout the shortlist. Submit the results to Excel. Edit invoice or credit memo items separately or in batch.

Remark: Some items are not available if you have more than one invoiced or credit memo chosen from the drop-down menu, for example, Enter New Issue, Change, or View in Document Tray. Every invoice/credit memo has a status that shows every step of the invoicing process: Account/credit memo number.

For changes, the invoice/credit memo must be reversed and re-entered. CANCELLEDAll strokes are deleted. In addition to the bill lists, you can also administer and edit your bills with inquiries and messages. Billing lists, inquiries and work areas provide you with a fast way to view information about your bills and credit memos.

To view detailed information about single bills and credit memos, use the View options. Open: Billing Schedule > View. You can see what is on the bill / credit memo. Verify the gain per line and per bill / credit memo. Bills and credit memos with draft state were not output.

Bills sent by e-mail also have the Printed state. Items and credit memos with the Printed document have not been booked. Open: Billing lists > Customer price inquiry. Choose the warehouse article. If you enter bills, the system calculates the gain that you have made on each bill and bill line.

This can be displayed on the Account display and checked using the Financial Accounting Result Report functions. Open: Billing Schedule > View - choose View Line Payline or Bill Pay. Open: Billing Lists > Reporting > Invoice Profits (Detailed). Open: Billing Lists > Reporting > Invoice Profits (Summary). Please see Accounting profits.

Report on Canceled Bills. Here you see a listing of the reversed invoices/credit memos and the reasons for the reversal. Open: Billing Lists > Reporting > Canceled Bills. Refer to Canceling Receivables and Credit Memos. You can use the Item Sales Per Customers report to display a listing of inventory sold per customers.

Open: Billing Lists > Reporting > Items that have been Sell per Client (Detailed). Use the Sales Invoice and Line of Credit Query work area to display free text and fee line rows per client and warehouse item. Areas of activity > Billing > Sales invoices and credit line queries. Choose a row and click Detail in the lower pane to view the invoice/credit memo detail.

Once the bill or credit memo has been produced (or sent by email) and stored in your closed file in theoud, you can view it in PDF as well. Open: Billing > Billing List, then choose a specific bill or credit memo, and click Show in Documents Store. From Sage 200c, you can delete from Sage 200c bills and credit memos that you have completed.

For more information, see Deleting Bills and Credit Memos.

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