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Display credit report online

Independent view of your creditworthiness. This is how you get your credit report from experian Our site provides a safe online share sharing facility so customers can send their credit files to us in a safe and protected manner. At the bottom of the overview page on the right is an Orange icon that allows you to view your full credit report. Usually the full report is opened in your web browsers and looks like this: PDF (Portable Documents Format) is the perfect file type, which you can access with your web navigator.

When you move the pointer down in the web browsing pane, a symbol bar appears that looks like this: It will open a cascade that looks like this: Delete any text in the Filename field and enter a new filename (ideally a credit report (last name, first name), make sure the filename is Adobe PDF, and browse to the location where you want to store your work.

Now your complete credit report is stored on your computer in PDF form. Now you are prepared to up-load your credit data with us. for Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browers, the output is the same, but the saving operations for the definitive files differ slightly. The Firefox and also the Chrome browers have their memory link to the right of the upper symbol bar in the brower.

Then you can see the load field. You can use the + Adds Documents section to browse and choose your new credit history stored. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to you as soon as our download service has completed. Before you click the "Submit" icon, you can enter information for us in the "Message" section.

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