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How high will my credit limit be? What do I have to do to view my account online? Spend travel credit on your next flight. Whenever you see this symbol, we speak of Travel Credit. Can' t redeem my travel credit?

Credits will only become effective 7-10 workingdays after the check out.

Credits will only become effective 7-10 workingdays after the checkout. In the following, you cannot use travel credit. - Travel credits and gifts cannot be used on the same ticket. - Travel credits cannot be exchanged for children's reservations. - Travel credits cannot be exchanged for tariffs applicable to discounts for Spaniards and large families.

Please do not hesitate to ask the respective supplier if you have any queries regarding your accommodation reservation.

Review your purchasing histories

And if you don't know them, read the Lost Accounts Solution or the Lost Passwords Solution. Log in with your Microsoft Digital Signage on the Payment & Invoice page. If you do not know your e-mail or Microsoft Accounts passwords, use the Lost Accounts Solution or the Lost Passwords Solution. Check your purchasing histories against your credit or debit cards.

And if you are still not sure what the sale is or don't see it in your buying histories, read the following Purchasing histories section of the product purchasing guide. And if you are still not sure whether the transaction was made on your credit or debit cards, or if you don't see it in your purchasing histories, read the following FAQs.

When you have disabled automatic renewals for your subscriptions, but still see a fee, you had an open account for your previous subscriptions. For more information on extending subscriptions and invoicing data, see Extending subscriptions and invoicing data. There is a fee on my debit or credit cards bill, but I do not see the fee when I register first.

The following are possible causes if you do not see the fees in your purchasing history: You are not logged into the merchant that made the transaction. When you have more than one Microsoft Accounts associated with your billing method, you must log into each of your Microsoft accounts to check your purchasing histories.

You have a credit or debit transfer associated with your child's or another member of your family's current credit or debit balance. If you allow someone else to use your pay method for a buy or subscribe, the pay method will be added to your Microsoft balance and will be available for your next use. The fee is in my Microsoft or my relatives' Microsoft accounts, but I did not approve the sale.

Failure to disable automatic renewals before the end of the evaluation phase will result in your being billed for the service. "If you are a shared Microsoft user or have not password-protected your Microsoft user accounts. You can shop without your knowing if you shared your Microsoft accounts with other users or if you have your Microsoft accounts on a computer that other users can log in to without a login code.

In order to avoid unauthorised shopping on your bankroll, make sure you have a login key or need a passcode. When you see fees in your Microsoft or your child's Microsoft accounts that you or your children have not purchased, use the Weakened Accounts solution to ensure that your accounts are more secure. Your child's Microsoft or Microsoft accounts are weak.

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