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UK's number 1car financial broker* 4 per cent (fixed) and a down payment of 0. 00, the amount to be paid would be 239 pounds. We would be able to get you (as you have poor credit) the max I think we would be able to get is about £5000. You have a full British driver's license and are you on the voter register? Hello, as far as I know, I have a really poor reputation.

I have found a vehicle and I am able to make a down payment of £2500, and I would need a £1500 prospective on financing. Hi, I have 1 dcj from about five years ago and a few default settings from about the same amount of now. How much amount of auto loan (if any) could I get?

Because we work with many creditors, you don't have to work elsewhere because too many of your credit profile's feetprints have a detrimental effect. I have just ended up having to pay a car from the first answer financing without a belated payout in the 3 years and a 2 year one before. I' m expecting Experian to refresh the state of my electoral roll as I am currently enrolled.

£1000 and would be looking for 6000-£7000, can you help or advice? All I want is about £4,000 in funding. Hello, I am currently trying to fix my credit as it is very poor. Think there is any likelihood of getting credit and what kind of restraint would I consider?

How are the odds of me getting about £4,000 for the funding? She' on the voters list, and she's got a part-time work. We' d have a down payment of £2400 and need another £2600. Do I have an activated credit without credit and 1250 pounds deposited as they promote. Hello, I have a bad rating between 619 and 649.

I' m not on the voters' list. Hello, I would like to fund a new VW Polo. I have a credit rating on Expert is 752 and I have a down payment of £2000.

This is the email where your recent credit contracts are located? Hello, I have really poor credit due to problems in my past. My 9 default settings range from 5-2 years old and the grand totals are £3000. I am not currently on the electoral list at my present location, but will be in September 2012 when the list is up-dated.

Could I get a loan to buy a vehicle or would I better wait until after September? Ooh, and I haven't requested funding anywhere else, I'm very careful not to do any more harm by submitting an application anywhere in the time. Neither do I have any current filings in my record. Hi, I'm going to see if I can get funding for a cab.

Some old default settings, but I also keep my other invoices up to date and pay on schedule. I' d like to buy a vehicle and make a bail of £7000 to £8000. Since I haven't yet submitted my application, how do I ask before I begin to search etc, so my credit reports are quite good.

Okay, I'm probably looking for credit around £3000 - £4000. I' m looking for a £4500 auto loan. I' m on the voters list, but just about to move, I have a 20k pound payout for a 60k pound buy. Got a £1000 payment, I also make about 1600 - 2000 per month, and looked at a £5000 per person vehicle.

I' m on the voters' register and all the other payroll is up to date. A little over a year ago I was denied auto funding - can I start now? I have a £1000 down payment when I submit an application for auto financing but I wonder if I will be approved and what the percentage of my refund would be.

You' re on the voters' list, too. My equity rating is 793 and my call credit rating is 739. £8,000 if I buy my vehicle for £10,000, but I want to use as little down payment as possible. I' m on the voters' list and have been in office for over a year.

I have seen a Car for 9000 and the assurance is for me cheap, but my credit rating is rated very bad (440). How high are the odds that I will be acceptable in the financial sector and what is the probability? Hello Rachel, I would most likely be able to give a 1k to 2k pound deposit. ie.

Hello Dan, with a £2000 payment we should be able to reach you in the order of £10,000 to £12,000. We have £1500 as a down payment and I am looking to fund around £3000. How high is the financing opportunity? My earnings are 60k / year and I would like 10k with a £2k payment.

There is nothing to trade, but I can spare, what kind of down payment would I need? It' good to know that you are in full-time work and I would recommend you to make at least one payment from £400 to £500. Hello there, I wanted to look into auto financing and want to ex lend in the £6,000 area with a part.

I' ve never asked for credit before, for anxiety of being turned down, and that affects my credit rating. In experience, my credit rating was fairly because I wasn't on the voter list, but that was sort of now, and there were no previous credits/credits. Do I have a shot the auto finance's gonna get authorized?

Hello Becks, since you have a fairly good loan and your fiancé has an outstanding loan, you should get a home loan without any problems. I' m mainly a auto financial specialist, but my empirical evidence is that you should be okay. I' ve got a down payment for £200. Can you get any money? I have a credit rating of 894, no negative credit rating in the past.

Ready to make 5,000 pounds cash. I' m on the roster. Do you have a 500 credit worth of bills that are always payed on the due date? How high are the odds of being admitted for funding? All I need is about 5000 and I have 500 pounds deposited. However, the first barrier is to overtake you for financing, and until we have seen your credit record, we cannot give any warranty for permit.

If you have 5 min and we continue from there, please apply if you have 5 min and we can continue from there. Hello Vicky, you need about 10% deposits - is that possible? There are no ccj's or default settings. When I buy a vehicle, what security do I need? I' ve got a customer and two credit lines.

There are many quests in my credit record since I am trying to fund a auto and did not know that auto dealer perform many quests - can you help me? I' m looking to get a newer workhorse and need about £5000 funding to do this. Would like to fund a $12-£15k worth automobile, with a down payment of £6000-£7500.

How are my odds if my name is included in the voting group? Hi, I had a cj j of about 9k which is still on my credit record, but is 5 years and six month old. Obviously I make about GBP39k per year (self-employed) I am on the voter list and I have recently been adopted for 2 new credit cards although they have a low limit. Here's a list of the new credit card companies.

I am looking at a car for around 6. 5k and have a deposit of 3k pounds to lay down. Hi, I have recently tried to rent a car, but have been turned down because of my credit reports. As I drew the expert review, he said that my rating is 956, but I now have a happy outage from 2010.

Would this also impact my opportunities if I applied for funding? There are no missing deposits, no ccj's or nothing and I am willing to make 800-900-900-900 deposits. However, I was not aware that I was on the electoral roll to raise my rating. I' m working on drawing up the voter list now.

There are no debt and no credit lines because I didn't need them, but nobody seems to noticed! Hello Rachel, thanks for that, I'll take it on the credit and check it out! Hi, I have incredibly poor credit, I have had several mortgages in the past due to the loss of my employment.

I' m rejected everywhere for loan when I check my credit, which is really poor, but when I check HP, it's slightly above average. I' m looking for a financing vehicle and wonder if this is possible? Hello Leam, do you have a single payment at all? I' ve got a down payment of 2000 on a 9000 pound auto.

There are no unpaid debt or credit card payments and I haven't had any for some now. I' m on the voters' list now, but my credit reports don't show it yet. Is it useless until my credit reports reflect my state? Hi, I am 22 years old and ended a £6000 auto financing about 2 month which has been updating on my experienced credit reference.

About 1 big cash-in I can make. My credit rating is 795 on Experian, I have a failure of a 6 years ago credit, not currently on the voter list because I have been moving quite a lot over the last year. Wanted to rent 3500 and have a £500 deposit. Mmm.

I' m looking for funding for a newer vehicle. In the past I have been denied credit due to default which I have had for several years (£845 and £789). I' d like to lend ten k with a five k deposited. Will I probably be acceptable for auto financing? I' m on the voting roster and am self-employed and deserve some 20k, what do you think my odds would be?

Wouldn't show up on my account until the end of December 2012, but it was invested in August 2010. Well, I have a 1,000 ex-works part and a 1500 down payment. Think I' d be able to get a 25,000 auto credit so with a 22,500 pound deposit. Over 5 years.

These were all from when i was 18, now i have 2 kids and one on way i want to have a nice familys car, but fight to get auto financing anywhere thanks for hearing. hi Rachel! i've been paying my bills punctually since and in the clear of issues for 3 years now, would i be able to rent a car? i have a deposit of £1000 and may be able to do more.

I have been in the election for 2 years and am paying all my invoices. Any help in this issue would be thankful. If I have a small down payment and no guarantee, I can still be taken for financing and get a running one. I' m looking for 6200 in auto financing.

Do I get approved without a Deposit or do I need to make a Single/Payment? I' ve got a credit rating of 591. A few default settings I have in my review, but I make 1650 pounds per centimeter with bonus'. I' ve got £1,000 down if I have to. have also requested Halifax, with whom I have been dating for 15 years for a credit cards to increase my reviews, and they have said no????

No credit application and I want to be rejected because I want to keep my rating. I' ve got a goddamn auto to p/x and a couple hundred quid to go to bail. I' d like to buy a newer vehicle that I can keep for several years and hopefully get money for about 10000 over 60 month.

Hi, I have poor credit rating from many years ago that I am afraid that I am still haunted in my record. I' ve had false credit in the last 6+ years ago with a CCJ falling from my record this month. What is more, I'd like to thank you for your interest. Now my record is free of any frightening markers, but I had 3 CC payouts failed within the last year (DD Supervision), but they also show satisfying.

Could I get auto funding with these statistics? Wouldn't have about 2000 pounds deposited at px & cashier. Hi, I'm self-employed and my previous loan was a sham. And I can have a down payment of £1,000 if I have to. I' m looking for 7500 for a new larger vehicle, can you get me the credit or am I waste my tim?

I have 3 default settings which I pay out and I take home about 1500ppm. Wouldn't you apply for more credit "damage" for me? More than 15 creditors are employed as well as those who help those with past credit difficulties. I' m not on the register yet. I' m not on the voters' list, even though I want to get involved.

Got several default settings (many over 3 years old) and 2 pending CCJ's (plus 1 satisfied). There are 3 credit facilities within the last year, of which I have only 1 delayed one. Good tidings are that we have creditors on our panels who help folks with previous CCJ's and get standard auto financing settings so there is a chance that we can accept you.

I' d like a chauffeur driven HP with a £1k deposit. Thank you. I' ve had default settings in the past, but never CCJ's! Thats only because I have my laptop on catalog credit and I used to have a credit card to which I failed to make payment on twice as I had it.

The reason for this is that we have many creditors on our panels who help individuals with less than flawless credit stories. The probability is that you will be able to organize the financing for him and how high is the interest rates that will likely be. Lastly, when we make an request, we only request the amount we want to borrow, or we give on the request the amount plus any down payment we have ex.

We also have creditors on our panels who help individuals with equitable loans and past bad debts. To apply, please simply enter the amount to be financed in the appropriate field and the 800 pounds for the swap in the custodian bank. So the fact that you have no CCJ's also assists and we have creditors who help individuals with previous outages.

Hello, I have an 508xperian rating. I am on about 1300 per month, living with my mom and dad and am on the election roll. Since you only have a fewlips on your credit history and an old standard for a small amount, I don't think this will stop us from getting your auto financing.

Hello, I'd like to bid for auto fund. Own ing my own home & am on the voters list & have no payment delays in the last 12 moths. However I have been completely paying off my ticket every single month since I received it 6 month ago. Do you think I could get funding for a goddamn automobile?

Do not have a CCJ, but I have some default settings where my location was not so good. Hello Rachel, my status is 896 Equiafx 253 Expert. Recently I relocated, two month ago I was denied the credit from the 4 auto credit you. Equifax can only go up to 500 and Experian up to 1000.

Good word is that we have creditors on our panels who help individuals with past failures and failed payment to get auto financing. We cannot give a warranty for authorisation at this point, as you will see, but we have creditors on our panels who are specialised in assisting individuals with previous outages.

We have £1000 deposition at the moment and were looking for a mortgage of about 5k. 4 per cent (fixed) and a down payment of 0. 00, the amount to be paid would be 239 pounds.

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