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Entry to Great Britain: Prior to departure to Great Britain

Verify which documentation you will need to obtain to travel to the UK. Entering the United Kingdom is possible either with a current ID card or a personal ID card from an EEA State. For entry to Great Britain you need a current travel document. They must be for the entire duration of the visit. Possibly you also need a visa, according to which countries you come from.

Verify that you need a visa to travel to the UK. If you are traveling "through" or through the United Kingdom, you may also need a visa, e.g. if you change at a British international station. Visas must be applied for before entering the UK. Borderline you may be asked to provide evidence of the relation between you and the accompanying child if you do not appear to be the parents, e.g. if you have a different family name.

The carrier (e.g. air carrier or carrier ) will verify your identity and other passports.

Verify that you need a UK visa.

Visas may be required to travel, work, studies or travel to the UK. Do not add any personally identifiable or pecuniary information such as your National Insurance Number or your card number. You will receive a return e-mail with a reference to a questionnaire. Don't be afraid, we won't mail you spams or give your e-mail adress to any third party.

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H-1B US Visa for Professionals

US H-1B visa is a non-immigrant visa that enables US businesses to hire university graduates in specialist professions that demand academic or technological knowledge in specialist areas such as IT, financial services, accountancy, architectural, engineering, math, natural sciences, medical, etc. The US H-1B visa is a non-immigrant visa that allows US businesses to enter the US immigration market. The H-1B visa for special professions may cover any position at a profession that normally demands a Bachelor's or higher qualification.

You may be able to demonstrate the equality of your Bachelor's qualification through work practice and/or other skills if you have no or a higher Bachelor's qualification. Due to the visa ceiling, however, it is unlikely that an H-1B visa petition is going to be accepted. US employers apply for the H-1B visa in the USA, which runs for up to 6 years.

The nonimmigrant visa application is usually faster than the US Green Card application, so the H-1B visa is favored by businesses that want to involve personnel for long-term deployment in the US. Due to the shortage of available visa, however, employer often have to review applications for other visa types, such as L-1B for professionals, L-1A for executive and managerial personnel, E-2 Treaty Investor Visa, E-1 Treaty Trader Visa, E-3 for Australians etc.

It is important to remember that H-1B visa cannot be applied for directly by an individual. The H-1B visa is subjected to an upper limit for each year. U.S. employer can begin H-1B visa application six month before visa actually begins. According to the applicable migration act, a new H-1B visa will be issued for a period of 85,000 per year.

There are 65,000 new H-1B visa applications available to foreign employees in specialized professions with at least a Bachelor's degree, and another 20,000 applications available to these specialized employees with an intermediate US college diploma. The H-1B visa cover was strongly exaggerated every year at the beginning of April in recent years.

Then USCIS organizes a raffle for the available H-1B-visa. US H1-B visa is intended for employees in special professions. In order to be eligible as a professional, the post must fulfil one of the following criteria: They must have a pass mark for access to a bachelor's or university diploma or to a diploma of equal value.

Completion requirements for the role are customary in the sector, or the role is so complicated or peculiar that it can only be completed by one person with a financial statement. As a rule, the employers require a financial statement or similar for the post. Types of tasks are so specialised and complicated that the skills needed to complete the tasks are usually associated with a Bachelor's or higher qualification.

In order to be eligible to accept jobs in a professional profession, you must fulfil one of the following criteria: You have a US bachelor's or higher qualification from an approved institution of higher education or an academic institution. Earn a diploma abroad that corresponds to a US Bachelor's or higher level diploma in the field.

Maintain an unlimited government licence, registry or certificate that entitles you to fully pursue the profession and to participate in that profession in the state of your proposed job. possess an education, qualification or professional experience in the field of study tantamount to the award of such a diploma and be recognised as having specialised knowledge in the field of study through progressive responsibility directly linked to the field of study.

Jobs that are not specialised professions or for which the applicant does not have the qualifications/experience for an M1B visa can be staffed with an M2B visa. Even candidates who are not qualified for H-1B visa can visit our L-1 visa page. L-1B visa is a nonimmigrant visa that allows organizations that operate both in the U.S. and abroad to second certain groups of employees from their overseas offices to their U.S. facilities for a period of up to five years.

H-1B visas are issued for an initial period of up to three years, but may then be renewed for a period not exceeding six years. Though the H-1B visa is a non-immigrant visa, it is one of the few US visa classes approved as double purpose, which means that the H-1B visa owner can request and obtain a US Green Card while in the USA with an H-1B visa.

Travelling in the USA on an expatriate visa (H-1B) and staying in the USA for more than six years, you can request long-term residence in the USA to obtain a Green Card. Unless you obtain long-term residence before your long-stay visa expires, you must spend at least one year outside the U.S. before you can reapply for another long-stay or long-stay visa.

Persons holding an H-1B visa can take their partner and under 21s to the USA as relatives under the H-4 visa family. A H4 visa-holder may remain in the USA as long as the H-1B visa-holder retains his or her right of residence. While an H-4 visa owner is not entitled to work in the USA unless he can fall under a non-visa, he can go to college, get a driver's licence and open a banking book while in the USA.

US visa requests are processed internally by a US certified attorney and member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA).

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