Visa Card Finder

Visacard finder

Simply present your membership card to gain access. Visas may be required to travel, study or work in the UK. May I use my credit card abroad? Or you can use your card anywhere in the world to make payments for goods and utilities and make withdrawals, just look for the VISA emblem on your card. The card is used at over 29 million merchants and 1 million ATMs around the world.

Paying for goods and purchased goods and utilities with your direct debit card also benefits from purchasing security.

There are fees for using your credit card abroad and for certain UK transaction. Should you wish to use your credit card abroad, it is recommended that you let us know. Registration of your itineraries with us may decrease the chances that your credit card transaction will be jammed. Once you are registered for online banking, you can login yourself and record the particulars of your journey.

Now you can do the same to sign up your card by using your on-line bank in the same way. You should verify this if you used your card and the transaction was rejected: It is always recommended that you have other means of payments with you when travelling abroad. Other currencies (e.g. other debit lines, credits card or currencies).

Lounge Class Adventure

With our suites, the adventure at the aerodrome is transformed from an extended test into a pleasurable one. Following information is based on the following terms and condition. Travel with any carrier and in any category and take advantage of the benefits of our classroom cuisine. Have a seat, expand and drink free beverages, snacks and pre-flight snacks.

Make productive use of your free Wi-Fi and charge stations in most of your lounge. A number of lounge areas also provide meeting rooms for corporate events. Get there early as many lounge facilities provide a range of pre-flight spas so you can pamper yourself and really unwind before you leave. Simply present your member card to get admission.

Plus, because most lounge suites accept our Digital Membership Card, you can get immediate entry to the lounge suites when you join. If you are not travelling alone, ask your relatives, acquaintances or co-workers to join you in the Lounge Class. More than 1200 lounge facilities are available in our programme and you will find lounge facilities at any airport in the whole hemisphere.

Register now and start enjoying the Lounge Class adventure before your next start.

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