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Prepaid Unite Plus Cashback Card. To log in or enable your on-line banking service, please type your user name and your login code in the field on the right. To log in or enable your on-line banking service, please type your user name and your login code in the field on the right. In the unlikely case that Contis Financial Services Ltd. becomes bankrupt, we will make sure that all monies you receive are kept in a separate bank escrow so that your monies are secured against creditors' demands.

Visa Verification

Within the framework of our current anti-fraud activities, we are working with Visa International to take card credit card safety to a new high. As part of daily living, e-commerce has become an increasingly common form of scam. VbV (Verified by Visa) is an international organization that makes buying on the web even safer.

Verified by Visa Schema is fast and simple to use and offers features:

Yes. Yes. Bucks - never lets you down

Today, the most pioneering finance services on the French postal services scene, it has become the preferred payment solution for carriers in Europe. It is a Visa reloadable card that is widely used by over 5 million shops and 300,000 ATMs in Europe and many others around the world. Of course the Geldkarte is blocked - unblock it, use it and it blocks itself again.

It offers secure and secure remotes and coins processing for travelling employees. Company financial accounts, with variable rates both in advance and afterwards. Customers have full oversight over spending: tickets are given out at no cost (and can be stored) and only loaded with funds when needed. Customers have a real-time overview of card usage, with on-line transaction, progress and final checks.

Users receive immediate access to liquidity in the form of immediate payments in full screen, around the clock, via text message, on-line and in multiple languages. Geldkarte is a singular possibility to decrease administration cost and risk in connection with managing and managing currency and to avoid delays and cost in connection with solving emergencies such as penalties and failures.

Over the years, the company has developed a collaborative relationship with a highly skilled professional ecosystem to provide its card holders and consumers with preferential treatment and exclusivity in the provision of transportation related products andervices. Extensive street assist all over Europe for lorries and coaches. Geldkunden can use the package free of charge from the usual servicing charges. Buyers can take advantage of discounted fuel/diesel price offers when they buy their Yes!

Cash card. Combined with the other Group division Plose, the tank card specialists, the associated locations are being rapidly extended. Headquartered in Lugano, Switzerland, the company is a member of the Unione Fiduciari Svizzeri (Swiss Fiduciary Association) and is thus governed by Switzerland's anti-money lending laws and the codes of practice of the SBA.

It is a registred brand associated with the principal products of the enterprise introduced in 2005: It is the first pre-paid and reloadable card in Europe specifically designed for the mobility needs of transportation workers. We are a singular and complete business associate for European forwarders and freight forwarders. Affordable prices and terms allow customers to spend less valuable resources.

Backed by over 30 years of accumulated expertise and demonstrated by the long-term customer relationships of over 8,000 clients in Europe. Our 360 degree mission is divided across our entire operational and trading centre networks, each of which is able to meet the needs of freight forwarders and carriers throughout Europe.

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