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No Visa card

If I am not the person picking up the car, can I pay with my credit card? How do the numbers on my credit/debit card mean? The number A is my card number. The first number is 4 for VISA, 5 for Mastercard, 6 for Discover/Diners Club, 3 for American Express/Diners Club (shorter than 16). The first 6 numbers for Visa and Mastercard are also codes for the institute that issues them.

With these 6 numbers, everyone can know which card issuer is responsible for the card and what kind of card it is (debit/credit, premier or not, etc.).

Can I have my own unique identifier? It'?s a safety precaution. This 4 digit must correspond to the first 4 numbers of your card number (the first 4 numbers of the exhibitor code). Although some different emitters may also divide the first four and differ only in the last 2), the last two are card type for the emitter.

C is my safety number. It is used to check whether a card is actually in the possession of the card holder / retailer, e.g. when using the card via the internet or telephone. For American Express maps, these are 4 numbers that appear on the front of the map.

Rent a vehicle without card

When you want to hire a vehicle but don't have a card, don't be afraid. Unfortunately, due to the security of bad debt card payments, there are some disadvantages to hiring a vehicle with a bad debt card - but Sixt still makes it possible if you hope to hire a vehicle without luxuries.

You must have your own direct debiting card issued in the name of the rider, be in good standing during the term of the lease and be presented at the collection. Renting a vehicle without a major card is possible in Great Britain. You can pay for all our UK car rents with a UK direct debit card.

What kind of direct debits are available? What kind of direct debits? Restrictions: Renting a vehicle outside the UK without a major card can be tricky for you. You can pay with the driver's Mastercard or VISA-Debitcard in advance via our website. Money-available debit card acceptances are available at certain Sixt sites with two types of government-issued ID and only if you are able to present a round-trip airfare.

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