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Prepaid Mastercard everyday moneycard Would your employers like to make a payment by wire order? Masterscard has the answers for you: pre-paid calling plans for your daily cash. Whether it's daily purchases, payment of invoices and month passes, recharging a cell telephone or shipping cash abroad - pre-paid calling plans are the fast and simple way for everyone.

The only thing you need to do to get one is prove your ID and your mailing adress when you buy the Everyday Money pre-paid card. With Mastercard Everyday Money and Maestro Everyday Money at Money? pre-paid calling plans can be used wherever Mastercard or Maestro card is acceptable - meaning billions of merchants around the world and over the world.

You can stop a card that has been misplaced or lost and transfer the credit to a new one.

Most Frequently Asked Queries

Once you have logged in, please go to Configuration > Accounts > Your Administration Data. Once you have logged in, please go to Configuration > Accounts > Your Administration Data. Should this be the case, please consult your customer advisor. When only your business name changes, you can simply email our customer service representatives or call them.

In order to register a new customer relationship, please ask your customer advisor. You can also modify your PayPal ID (Payment Server ID) if you still have a trial license if you switch to a trial license. There is a charge for this type of services. To login, please refer to the admin of your area.

In case you cannot login, you can turn to our customer service team. What can I do to modify my bank information? Please email our customer service team with your PSPID and new bank information. Where can I get a manufacturing bankroll? Please email your customer service representative if you would like a manufacturing bankroll.

What can I do to modify the location of my bankroll? Please email our customer service with your new PSPID and your new email adress. Where can I connect another trial to my manufacturing trial? This can be done by contacting our customer service by telephone or e-mail.

What is the duration of the checkout process? Duration of activating a billing option will depend on the following factors: Usually it will take about a month for the acquiring party or your financial institution to conclude your membership. Certain types of payments request extra cheques before they can be enabled, e.g. in the case of 3-D Secure, which is directly required from VISA or MasterCard (and not from the acquirer). You can enable multiple payments at once.

What can I do to modify my existing number? Please call our customer service representative to modify your trading number. We will take your inquiry to our attention. What can I do to cancel my membership? You will be contacted by our customer service staff. Due to statutory requirements, a minimal storage term may have to be adhered to without your current balance being immediately deleted.

In order to change your unsubscribe, please consult your customer advisor who will help you with your enquiry. What can I do to enable debit entries on my bankroll? To enable debit entries on your bankroll, please submit your IBAN and BIC or the RIB forms to our customer support. Once we have received the completed application forms, we can debit your bank details without any problems.

Please feel free to call /e-mail your customer service representative to ask for this feature. Once you have signed your upgrade/downgrade application please submit it to our customer service team. What is the best way to enable a paid optional feature in my subscriptions? Email our customer service team with your PSPID, desired options and pricing (if known).

You will be able to select this feature from our staff. Except for the 3-D Safe feature, you can deactivate your policy by emailing our customer service staff to deactivate it. You must submit a duly completed cancellation notice, including your PSPID and your immediate cancellation application, to our customer service group.

In order to draft a new agreement, please consult your customer advisor. Once signed, please return the agreement to our Customer Care team. In order to finalize your enrollment and fully enable your activation, please follow the instructions on your enrollment homepage. What is the time until my affiliate is activated?

Once you have taken all the necessary actions and we have obtained all the necessary paperwork and a duly executed agreement, we will start activating your bankroll. If you can take these actions faster and submit the application, we can open your bankroll faster. You will need at least one of our current methods of payments before we can start activating your area.

Currently, you can choose from the following options: Keep an eye out for other ways to pay that come soon as we often post new ones. The purpose of these safety checks is to ensure a consistently high safety standard on the payments terminal, leading to optimum transaction and information safety. When you activate your bankroll, our voting tools are available to you as well.

After logging in, you can review and modify your administration data, administer your transactions, introduce new method of paying, modify your preferences and much more. All you need to register is your PSPID (Payment Services Provider ID ) and your login name. An ID is used to identify the unique identifier of an individual group.

When your area has more than one member, login by entering your Username, your PSPID and your username and your username. You do not need a US$ERID if your accounts have only one member. Telephishing providers use email, hyperlinks, and Web sites to direct you to bogus Web sites that ask you to reveal sensitive information such as your banking information or your card number.

Typically, a vicious e-mail will ask you to verify your passwords, banking information, your banking number, your banking information, your card information, or other similar information by simply clickin on a hyperlink in the e-mail. It' very simple to falsify a sender's address: the person who receives the e-mail is not necessarily the ISP you think he is.

Linking to deceptive email can lead you to bogus Web sites. Prior to submitting your personally identifiable information to a Web site, verify that the Web site is encrypting personally identifiable information by searching the Web site location for HTTPPS ("s" for secure) and a locked lock or an unbroken button symbol in your web browser. Your Web site may also use a web page with a password to encrypt your personally identifiable information.

Review your banking and card bills on a regular basis. Instantly modify your password and/or your password code for your on-line trading partner accounts with the organization whose identities have been tampered with. Which is the handling of payments? Payments settlement is a facility that enables web sites to offer sales on-line by allowing them to accept payments via wire transfer using a variety of means including major financial institutions such as banks, direct debits and direct debits.

Settlement is the technological link or the " gateways " provided by payments services companies between a website and banks or acquiring companies that regulate different types of payments. Put in simple terms, without a billing services company you will not be charged. First, our payments portal is linked to over 200 national and multinational acquiring companies.

Whether you want to make purchases on-line, via your cell or over the telephone, we are perfectly positioned to help you find the right acquirer for your business and provide the method of purchase your clients prefer. We can help you enable multiple billing options from different acquiring companies with just one agreement so you can provide your clients with more of the domestic billing options they know and rely on.

Which is a trader discount? Trader is a kind of banking system that allows you to provide and obtain money from certain types of payments. To authorize you to pay by certain means, you must have a trader trading partner before you can begin remote sales. Usually, if you want to include further payments to enhance your converting, you will need to open extra trader deposits with other acquiring parties.

We can also offer you a direct trader discount according to the type of business you are active in. Full Service allows you to enable multiple payments from multiple acquiring parties at once with just one agreement. Bringing your clients more from the ubiquitous payments they know and rely on will help you improve your revenue generation and your on-line selling experience.

For more information, please visit our page on our method of payments. Full Service - what is it? The Full Service allows you to enable many different types of payments at once and in multiple jurisdictions with a singular agreement. This will save you from time-consuming administrative work and as you can provide more means of payments, it can also boost your sales.

This protects your company from back posting loss and back posting so you can do it: Wherever a purchaser makes a complaint, reverse transaction or reverse transaction, just give PayPal a shipping document and the purchaser will clear all money they have. Learn more about our free Magento plugin and how you can use PayPal and other payments through your Magento web shop here.

With our extensive portfolio of intelligent kiosks, secure messaging, secure and secure messaging, as well as our advanced technology for secure and secure transactions, we make it easier for retailers to accept business and personal transactions. Aggregate converts crude billing information into rich, engaging business analytics that help you quickly pinpoint and respond to billing issues and options and compare your business with your own.

An RIB application forms is the source documents obtained from the French banks. PSPID means PSP ID. This is the name you selected when you first signed up to help us determine the company to which your affiliate is affiliated. You' ll need your PSPID as well as your login code to login to your PSPount.

Always have your PSPID handy when you contact customer service. This means that without an acquiring party the funds will not be deposited into your giro transfer system. You will need an Acquisition Agreement with an acquiring party for each on-line paying option you wish to use. When you know which acquiring party you want to work with, you can easily choose them from the drop-down menu when you enter a paymentmethod in your area.

Why don't you let us do that for you? This will save you from time-consuming administrative work and can also boost your income by offering other means of payments. The Customer Service Department will take good charge of your enquiry. In order to obtain a copy, go to "Configuration" in your Accounts window, click on "Invoice" and then choose the bill you wish to use.

In order to receive a refund, please contact us by e-mail or call our customer service team. All your bills will be saved in your orgone bank for 24 month. To receive the bill to multiple emails, please open an Order2Cash trading system where you can specify up to 10 extra emails for sending.

If you have any question regarding Order2Cash please read the FAQ on the Order2Cash website or use the Order2Cash support via the support area. Could you modify my banking system in your system? In order to modify your banking system in our system, please submit the new IBAN/BIC or RIB forms to our customer service team, to generate a new signature for you.

Those entities have authorised us to charge your bank in order to finalise your acquisition of a specific item orervice. If you have any questions about payments, please direct them to the retailer you purchased from. If, however, you require assistance in locating the dealer, please email or telephone our customer support staff with appropriate information.

What is my shipping status/service provision? As standard, you can ship goods or provide your services as soon as a transfer has achieved the state " 9 - Request to pay ". Although Level 5 is a successfull level, it is only a momentary booking of an amount on the loyalty card.

An operation in state 5 still needs to be acknowledged (manually or automatically) to move to state 9, which is the ultimate success state for most means of payments. What do I have to do to get a money back? By clicking on the "Refund" pushbutton in the order summary of a particular order (via Display transactions), you can simply return a charge.

Optionally, if your bank accounts support this, you can make a refund using a DirectLink query or a batch files download (for multi transactions). Remember that the Refund options must be activated in your bankroll. An entirely verdant thumbs-up symbol means that the deal was closed with a 3-D Secure identification procedure such as a digipass or card readers.

This does not necessarily mean, however, that the transaction itself was successful. Originally designed by VISA under the name "Verified by VISA", it was soon adopted by MasterCard (SecureCode), JCB (J/Secure) and American Express (Safekey®). According to the customer's banking institution and origin it can be a card scanner or digital passport, the entry of a personal identification number ( "PIN") or the entry of a range of information that only the card holder can know.

Reimbursements can only be made for those operations where the money has already been deposited into your giro transfer system. Canceling or deleting can take place before a complete transaction has been completed, i.e. before the Acquirer's Acceptance Deadline, on which all prior business days' transaction are handled.

In order to know the acquirer's cut-off period, we suggest that you contact our Customer Care team directly. You can also ask for a new passphrase by email or telephone to our customer service team. How come I can't get my money back? Consideration must be given to the following (provided that the Reimbursement checkbox is checked in your account):

Once the transactions are approved (status 5), no payments have been made at this point. Payments made using this option do not include reimbursement features, which may be the case with certain types of credit card, web bank services and "offline" payments such as bank transfers. Failure to login to your bankroll with your PSPID and your login code may be due to one of the following reasons:

As soon as a transfer has reached 9 level, i.e. the client has already payed, the acquiring party or the merchant transfers the funds to your current balance. Timing of this disbursement varies by disbursement type and acquiring party. If you believe that you will not receive your funds on schedule, we suggest that you contact the acquiring party or the financial institution directly.

I have not yet registered my email address, although I have sent the agreement. At least one of your payments must be enabled to enable your affiliate program. For more information on our billing options, please email your customer service representative. When your engagement does not work, you should ask your local financial institution why it was rejected.

It is not our intention to show the real mistake on the pay page, mainly for safety purposes, but not to mislead your clients either. It is recommended that you consult your acquiring party about this. How come I can enable Visa but not MasterCard even though I am using the same acquiring device? If you have received 7 (Payment Deleted), this means that you have reversed or erased the transaction before it was edited, while if you have received 8 (Refund), this means that you have not received the transaction until after it has been made.

Ask another administrator on your PSPID to disable 2-factor Authentication for you, or call our Customer Service Dept for assistance.

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