Visa Credit Card Offers Instant Approval

The Visa credit card offers instant approval.

Are the " proficiency testers " of the credit card offering an immediate decision? Allows ACE to save the transfer of the US Bank Instant credit card application. From now on, Ace Hardware clients can easily request an Ace Awards® Visa credit card with an iPhone applications designed by the U.S. Bank.

A new Ace Awards Visa App, available for download from the iTunes Store, allows consumers to request and obtain instant credit to begin purchasing at eligible Ace Shops.

"John Owens, U.S. Bank Retail Payments Solution Sr. VP, said, "The Ace Awards Visa App for iPhone is a good example of how we are continuing to offer our clients advanced payments that improve their online merchandising experiences. "This new app gives Ace clients the ability to get instant credit so they can search for the items they need to finish their caretaker contracts and make their Ace purchases."

Consumers can use the Ace Awards Visa App to request an Ace Awards Visa credit card. After immediate release, qualifying new card holders will get a safe, virtually credit card via their iPhone. Once a cardholder is willing to make a sale, they just give their iPhone to an Ace Associate with the card shown at the cashier.

Each time you buy Ace Cardholder Visa Awards, you earns Ace Award points and receives up to 5% back on Ace, 2% back on gasoline and food, and 1% back anywhere else Visa is accept. Furthermore, card holders can make up to 10% in quaterly category. As soon as 12,500 points have been collected, card holders will be awarded a $25 bonus that can be redeemed at any of the AceStores that participate.

"We' re excited to be offering our clients the Ace Awards Visa App for iPhone," said Jeff Gooding, Ace Hardware Corp. Direktor of consumer branding. It' s another advantage to be an Ace Awards member and shop at Ace." Like other U.S. Bank portable apps, the Ace Awards Visa App allows clients to always view accounting features, such as status and recent transaction display, and payments to the bank as well.

U.S. Bank first launched credit card approval applications in 2011 and is planning to introduce the credit card iPhone app to other co-brand partner banks in the near-term. The introduction of the Android edition of the Ace Awards Visa App is also planned for the third consecutive year.

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