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Visas International, United States, VISA Debit/Credit (Classic), Standard/Gold VISA Credit Card, EMV. A hologram of a bird implanted on a VISA credit card is used to deter potential counterfeiters. Alphalah Platinum VISA Credit Cards Wellcome to the Alfalah Platinum family. Alfalah Platinum credit cards allow you to benefit from the best advantages and the highest levels of service combined with unsurpassed reward and advantage. Bank Alfalah Credit Cards bears the Visa emblem, thus guaranteeing global acceptance in more than 30 million businesses and 1.

5 million cash dispensers around the globe.

If we say that you should live your lives today, we will truly live up to that pledge. Alphalah Platinum opens a whole range of thrilling rebates on everything from groceries and luxury food to world-class travel. Please click here to see our current special offers exclusive to Alfalah Platinum credit cardholders. Using your bank Alfalah credit cards you issue and we rewards.

Stage 1: Review your most recent card history or call our telephone banking services at 111-225-111 to find out the state of your award points. Stage 2: Click here to see our on-line Retail Catalog with a myriad of choices of products and services to help you pick and purchase the items you want to buy against your earning Retail Points.

The FTO amount will be debited from your FTO account. The FTO amount that is debited from your FTO account and appears on the next month's invoice. Stage 3: Call our telephone banking representative at 111-225-111 and place your order or click here to fill in the order and send it to the Alfalah Bank Consumer Centre or the Alfalah Bank Cash Point at the closest bank.

The Alfalah Platinum credit card provides you with the ultimate in personal attention - a 24-hour, 7-day a week convenience available around the globe. No matter where you are in the globe, you can get support for a variety of travelling and entertaining activities, either through our complimentary Visa Platinum customer support representatives or our web-enabled VISA Platinum online console support team.

Additionally to the restrictions outlined in the Concierge Services Explanation, the Concierge Services are intended to assist and assist with the Cardholder's travelling, entertaining and commercial needs. The Concierge Services employees may, in their sole judgment, decline to process Cardholder Requests: Visas and its Concierge Services Provider make no representation or warranty (express or implied) with respect to any of these services:

Correctness or truthfulness of the information collected by Concierge Services employees at the cardholder's inquiry. Where a Cardholder's Visa Cardholder Data is necessary to ensure the availability of the goods or services booked or reserved by the Cardholder at the Cardholder's own expense to Concierge Services personnel, Visa and its Concierge Services Provider shall not be responsible for any cost, change or expense to the Cardholder arising out of such a booking or reservation (including reservations fee, cancellations or "non-appearance").

You will be billed an annuity of $10.00 along with a monthly lounging charge per session and billed to your Alfalah Platinum credit or debit card. Please contact your Alfalah Platinum representative for details. Advantages of your Alfalah Priority Pass Do Shopping. Savour the freshening of your own choosing. Relax atmosphere Priority Pass Executive Locations let you avoid the mess of cancellation, delayed flights and congested hangars.

Alfalah Priority Pass offers you a relaxed atmosphere for you and your visitors as well as free drinks and free sandwiches. The Priority Pass Lounge of your Luxury Pass offers you your own private space on the move! Additional Priority Pass Your dear ones can also take advantage of the unsurpassed amenities associated with Priority Pass memberships and easily experience free travelling at a minimum price.

If you are travelling internationally from Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad Airport, you can use the free entrance to the Central Inquiry Point (CIP)ounge. Simply present your Bank Alfalah Platinum Credit Cards in the Alfalah Lounges to relax and watch TV, free snack and drink buffets, online, fax, booklet, and a 24-hour full-service information counter with up-to-the-minute air trip information.

With our current SBS instalment plan campaigns, you can buy a wide range of residential and life style items using your Alfalah credit cards and return the amount in EMI (Equal Monthly Rate). BTF can also be used on an instalment plan, where you can withdraw your other credit cards via your Alfalah Platinum credit cards and return them in the same month at a lower premium.

The Alfalah Platinum Card revolving line of up to 50% of your line of credit allows you to make immediate withdrawals from any Alfalah bank throughout Pakistan and at any ATM in the world with the VISA and 1-Link brand. Processing fees for advances of funds will be charged from the date of the operation.

The Alfalah Platinum Credit Balance Credit Card-Relief Facility gives you the option of using your Alfalah credit cards to settle credit owed to other financial institutions at an accessible price. Just call our Platinum Phone Banking Officer at 0800-22225 for more information. With your Alfalah Platinum credit or debit cards you can feel completely at ease even in the event of unexpected emergency.

Alfalah Credit Cover insures you against any unhappy intermittent or lasting invalidity or deaths. The Alfalah credit cover enables the disbursement of the remaining amount per month in the case of a transient invalidity and in the case of the cardholder's accidental decease up to twice the amount of the remaining debts.

The credit cover option is available for a minimum charge that is deducted from your credit on a monthly basis. When you buy a flight, rail or coach ticket through your bank Alfalah Platinum credit cards, you are insured against every unexpected incident during your trip for up to Rupees 30 million.

With Alfalah Platinum Credit Cards, you can be sure you won't have to fear losing your bank! Alfalah Bank protects you from all deceptive accusations made on your credit cards as soon as you notify us of them as missing. You can be sure that with your Alfalah Platinum credit cards you are absolutely safe from losses and thieves.

The Alfalah Platinum Bank Crédit Cards allow you to pay only 5% of your open account by the due date. Incidental expenses shall be added to the remaining amount of expenditure not paid and shall be borne forward. To receive your account statement each month by e-mail, please call our Platinum Phone Banking Officer at 0800-22225 to register.

In order to follow each payment on your debit cards, you can now sign up for our SMS alert service. To activate, please call our Phone Banking Officer at 0800-22225. Payment of your pension and cell phone bill can be made through your Alfalah Bank at any time by phoning 0800-22225. Sharing the advantages and advantages of your Alfalah Platinum with your family and friends.

Just by phoning our 24-hour Platinum Phone Banking at 0800-22225, you can use the following features on your Alfalah Platinum Credit Card bank, 24 hrs a day, 7 hrs a week. 24x7.

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